Why In-Home Skilled Care Is More Important Than Ever

Why In-Home Skilled Care Is More Important Than Ever


Not every private health care company offers in-home skilled care, but it’s an important service to have access to, especially in 2021. Here’s why in-home skilled care should be a priority for you or your elderly loved one.

In-Home Care

Seniors have been able to get care in senior living communities, or something similar, for over a century. These could be nursing homes, assisted living communities, Alzheimer’s care facilities, or something similar. But it’s only been relatively recently that many seniors in America have had access to in-home care. Instead of moving into a senior care home and paying rent and fees to live there and receive care, seniors can instead simply pay for the care services they need; a caregiver can visit seniors in their homes to provide companion care, homemaking services, and personal care. But what if you need help from more than only caregivers?

In-Home Skilled Care

Caregivers are great. They help seniors get out of bed, use the toilet, get up and down stairs, prepare and eat food, and more. They can take care of household chores and run errands for seniors. They keep seniors company and alleviate loneliness while monitoring their cognitive function. And caregivers have to be qualified to do all these things. At Executive Home Care, we only hire caregivers who have passed an intensive pre-employment screening process. Our caregivers are all bonded and insured, experienced, and periodically evaluated and skills tested. But, for all their credentials, they are not medical professionals.

There’s a lot caregivers can do, but they can’t provide skilled nursing care. Only registered nurses can do that. But going to a clinic or hospital to see a nurse can be a hassle. With in-home skilled care, nurses can visit clients in their own homes. In-home, nurses can provide feeding tube care, simple wound care, colostomy care, foley care, and more. They can provide assessments and consultations, help clients manage medication, and help clients manage diabetes.

In-Home Skilled Care In 2021

Nurses are obviously limited in what they can do in clients’ homes. Sometimes clients need equipment that means they must go to where the nurse is. However, the more services included in in-home skilled care, the better. Especially right now. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we should all be staying inside as much possible. This is especially true for people who are at risk because of other health issues or because of advanced age. Instead of standing in a crowded waiting room with other people who might have COVID-19, it’s much better to have one nurse visit you and take all the precautions possible.

Executive Home Care

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