Supplemental Staffing

Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and healthcare facilities of all kinds rely on Executive Home Care to help supplement their existing staff.

Our caregivers are screened, trained, and experienced in providing direct care for elderly persons and those recovering from injury or illness. Your local Executive Home Care team can coordinate caregiver assistance as demand for care changes over time.

You get a single point of contact and access to a pool of available caregivers who can provide expert care on-site at your location.

Benefits for Healthcare Facilities

With Executive Home Care, you don’t have to worry with onboarding new caregivers or administering their payroll. By working with your dedicated Executive Home Care coordinator, you free yourself from the burden of interviewing, hiring, and managing your own employees.

We handle the caregiver staffing, so you can handle total care for your patients.

It’s common for healthcare clinics, rehabilitation centers, and specialty centers to experience a shortage in caregiver availability. That’s why we’re here—Executive Home Care is your go-to resource for dependable, professional personal and companion care for patients in need.

Supplementing your team with compassionate, skilled Executive Home Care personnel provides a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Less time spent on administration
  • Lowered payroll and insurance costs
  • More consistent care schedules
  • Faster, easier access to local, qualified caregivers
  • Flexible work hours

To Learn More, Contact Your Local Office

If you’re interested in adding Executive Home Care personnel to your auxiliary workforce, the first step is to connect with your local Executive Home Care team.

Contact us today, and we will put you in touch with a care coordinator who can assist you.

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