5 Benefits of Homemaking Services

5 Benefits of Homemaking Services

“It’s the little things.” We hear this common refrain applied to a countless number of situations. This is because the little things add up to a big thing. In the wide world of senior care, homemaking services might seem inconsequential. Indeed, many people don’t initially think of homemaking services as a form of senior care. But the truth is that homemaking services can greatly improve the lives of seniors and even help them lead healthier and safer lives. Here are five benefits of homemaking services.

1. Homemaking services make life more convenient

Let us begin with the most obvious benefit to homemaking service: they make life a lot more convenient. This is true of everybody. Not many people enjoy household chores, so if you have somebody to do them for you, it’s a nice bonus. Seniors are meant to be enjoying their retirement years and homemaking services can facilitate that enjoyment.

2. Homemaking services make life safer

We generally don’t think of doing the laundry as a particularly dangerous task. Lawn mowing is not an extreme sport. However, as we age, everyday tasks such as these become more difficult. For seniors, not only can household chores be difficult, they can be dangerous. Lugging heavy laundry baskets up and down the basement stairs is a common way for seniors to incur injuries. And falls for seniors can be far worse than for younger people, because of lesser bone density and longer recovery times. Having homemaking services means you don’t have to worry that your elderly parent fell down the stairs doing laundry and can’t get up.

3. Homemaking services mean less angst

Even if a senior never suffers an injury from doing household tasks, these tasks can weigh heavy on their mind. The threat of injury can be almost as bad as the injuries themselves. Some seniors find themselves dreading laundry day, grocery shopping day, lawn mowing day, or all three. Having homemaking services provided by a caregiver alleviates all this stress.

4. Homemaking services allow seniors to remain in their own homes

It sounds almost criminal today, but before in-home care services such as homemaking services became widely available across America, many seniors were compelled to leave their homes and move into senior care facilities even when they could look after themselves all right. Many seniors can manage the tasks of everyday living –e.g. brushing their teeth, using the bathroom, etc.— but managing their homes is a greater struggle. That such seniors would be urged to leave their homes when they don’t want to is wrong. Thankfully, homemaking services can allow seniors to remain living in their homes.

5. Homemaking services open the door for further care

Some seniors can be very resistant to the idea of accepting senior care. It can be difficult to admit you need help, especially if you’re a senior who has accomplished a great deal in seven decades or so of life. Furthermore, the adjustment to senior care when seniors do accept it can be a difficult and challenging one. However, homemaking services can help. Seniors who have lived with homemaking services can more easily make the transition to personal care services if and when they become necessary.

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