5 In-Home Care Services You Must Try!

5 In-Home Care Services You Must Try

Senior in-home care services are continuously gaining in popularity. As more seniors and their families realize that they need not move in to a senior care facility in order to get the care they require, senior in-home care services are becoming more in-demand. But still not everybody is aware of all the senior in-home care services that are available. Here are five senior in-home care services you must try.

Personal Care Services

Personal care is the type of senior in-home care service with which most people are readily familiar, so we’ll start there. Personal care means helping seniors with the activities of daily living. These activities include any daily chores or tasks that we all must do to take of ourselves. These are tasks such as brushing our teeth, getting out of bed, using the toilet, feeding ourselves, etc. Some seniors struggle with these tasks and so they can benefit from senior in-home personal care services.

Companion Care Services

Far too often we focus on physical health to the detriment of mental and emotional health. But everything is connected and poor health in one realm will eventually affect the others. As a demographic, seniors are at a high risk of isolation. As friends, family, and spouses move away and pass away, seniors can be left alone and this can cause serious problems like becoming detached from reality and developing depression. Companion care is a type of senior in-home care service that sees a caregiver visit the client to provide company and to help keep them mentally sharp. 

Homemaking Services

Homemaking is a senior in-home care service that is a lot more important than some people think. Many seniors feel compelled to move out of their homes and into a senior care facility not because they can’t manage the activities of daily living but because they have trouble managing their homes. Grocery shopping, washing clothes, vacuuming, preparing meals, and other tasks can be very taxing on the elderly. These tasks can be tiring, painful, and even dangerous and can cause no small amount of anxiety. Homemaking services takes care of all of that. 

Specialized Care Services

Not all seniors are the same. They require different care services. And that’s the great thing about senior in-home care services: they are personalized services. Each client of Executive Home Care receives a personalized plan of care designed to suit their needs. And some seniors have special needs because of a condition. Such conditions include ALS, Alzheimer’s Disease, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, spinal and brain injuries, and developmental disabilities. Seniors with any of these conditions required specialized care. With in-home care services, they can receive care from a caregiver who is especially trained and experienced in helping clients with their condition. 

Live-in Care Services

Some seniors require a lot of care. Even 24/7 access to care. But that’s OK because even they can stay in their homes. Senior in-home care services includes live-in care. Live-in care is when a qualified and trusted caregiver lives in the home of the client. This way the caregiver can provide care whenever called upon. 

Executive Home Care

Executive Home Care is happy to provide all of the above senior in-home care services and more. To learn more or to begin the process of arranging for senior in-home care services, please contact us today.

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