Our Mission and Values

The Executive Home Care experience is steeped in understanding of aging, and it comes from a place of genuine compassion for our fellow human being. With every interaction we have with our clients, we express our desire to improve their lives however we can.

We are guided by a unified mission and set of three core values. These principles are communicated throughout our organization, from our home office throughout our network of local caregivers.

The Executive Home Care Mission

We work in a unique industry with unique opportunities to provide meaningful improvement in seniors’ lives. We also realize that this comes with great responsibility.

At Executive Home Care, our mission is to improve quality of life for our clients and their families while focusing on service excellence.

By ‘service excellence’ we don’t just mean showing up every day and meeting client needs. With every client visit, we bring our humanity with us. We view our clients as extensions of our family, and we treat them as if they were part of our own circle of friends.

…because that’s how we would want to be treated.

Service excellence also means delivering a memorable, exceptional experience not just for the senior, but for their family—the ones who think of them often and who want them to live their best life every day.

Our Values

Executive Home Care operates with guidance from three main values: Commitment, Compassion, and Quality of Care.


Is, firstly, to the safety of our clients. Secondly, we are committed to their comfort and independence as much as is reasonably possible considering their condition and situation.


of our caregivers is what we look for when we hire them. We screen for people who are genuinely driven by a desire to connect with and support others, and it’s this compassion that shines through in their service to our clients.


Refers to the technical nature of how our caregivers attend to our clients. This is where training and experience matter most. Providing a high quality of care ensures that our clients can relax more, breathe easier, and simply enjoy more of life.

Experience the Difference for Yourself

We realize you have a choice when it comes to arranging for home care for your loved one. We know there are plenty of providers in your area, each with their own unique benefits.

For us, it all comes down to the individual needs of each senior we serve. Putting these needs first is what sets us apart.

To learn more, contact our team today and schedule a visit with a care coordinator in your area.

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