What Is In-home Skilled Care And How Does It Work?

What Is In-home Skilled Care And How Does It Work?

In-home skilled care expands the health care services seniors and younger people living with disabilities can receive in their own homes. Home care companies can arrange for in-home skilled care for their clients.

When We Refer To In-home Skilled Care, We’re Referring To A Specific Type Of Care.

Whether they’re living in assisted living communities, nursing homes, or in their own private residences, the majority of care that seniors receive is from caregivers. Caregivers are hardworking, knowledgeable, and kind people who dedicate their professional lives to helping seniors and younger people living with disabilities. At Executive Home Care, all our caregivers must undergo an intensive pre-employment screening process that includes a criminal background check and verification of employment history. They must also be medically cleared to do their job, e.g., free of communicable diseases and physically able to fulfill their tasks. Lastly, they are also skills-tested and are provided continuing education. While they have all of the above qualifications and more, they do not have any type of medical degree.

As Great As Caregivers Are, Everybody Needs The Attention Of Medical Professionals Every Now And Then.

Everybody, especially seniors, must see doctors and nurses regularly. Only medical professionals can provide skilled care. And that means having to leave your home, go to a clinic or medical center, wait in a room, and eventually be seen. It’s an annoying hassle for the young and able-bodied, let alone for the elderly. If only there was a better way.

With In-home Skilled Care, Seniors Can Meet With Healthcare Professionals In Their Very Own Home.

Unless you are lucky enough to live in a quaint rural community with a doctor who still makes house calls, you’re going to have to go to a clinic or hospital to see a doctor. Nurses, however, do sometimes visit seniors in their homes. Executive Home Care is proud to provide in-home skilled care to our clients when they need to see a nurse.

With In-home Skilled Care, Registered Nurses Visit Seniors And Provide Assistance That Only They Can.

Among the services that nurses can provide to seniors with in-home skilled care include:

  • Assessments & Consultations
  • Medication Management
  • Simple Wound Care
  • Diabetes Care & Teaching
  • Colostomy Care
  • Feeding Tube Care
  • Foley Care
  • And More

Not all in-home skilled care services are necessarily available in all fifty states. Please check with us to find out if the in-home skilled care that you are interested in receiving is available where you or your elderly loved one lives.

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To learn more about in-home skilled care and the services available near you, please contact us via our website or by calling (888) 963-9133.

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