The Basics of Assisted Living


“Assisted living” is probably a term you have heard before. But do you really know what it means or what all assisted living can entail? Assisted living is comprised of a series of services designed to help those who need some help functioning day-to-day. Those who require assisted living are primarily people with disabilities of some variety and seniors. For seniors, assisted living can take many different forms.

Assisted living facilities

Perhaps what comes to mind first for many people when they think of assisted living for seniors are retirement homes, nursing homes, and the like. These institutions can cater to many different types of seniors of different ages with different concerns. Some are great, some are not. But all of these assisted living facilities have a flaw: they do not have the comfort and the feel of a home.

All seniors who reside there had to move there, from their own homes. Homes in which they have lived for decades in some cases. At Executive Home Care, we noticed this, and we asked the question: if you could get all the assistance you needed from an assisted living facility, but instead received all that assistance in the comfort of your own home, wouldn’t you prefer the latter?

In home care

In home assisted living is the new evolution of assisted living. Seniors should not have to leave their beloved homes just because they need a little (or even a lot of) help in their lives. Nor should in home care be the privilege of only the wealthy. Long gone are the days when the only type of in home assisted living was the nurse living in old Lord Pennyfeather’s mansion. In home care workers are much more accessible and affordable now.

Different types of in home assisted living

Another benefit of in home care is that you can be guaranteed it’s designed to suit your, or your elderly loved ones’, exact needs. In home assisted living is great for seniors whether they need just a little bit of assistance, or a lot. At Executive Home Care, we strive to serve our clients’ needs whatever they are. No matter how little or much care they need.

Homemaker services are designed to help those seniors who can take care of themselves physically without much trouble, but for whom taking care of their homes has become taxing or even dangerous. Chores such as cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and errands like grocery shopping. For some seniors, the main concern is isolation and loneliness. This can lead to poor mental health which can lead to poor physical health. Companion care involves a care worker meeting with seniors to keep them company and make sure they are OK mentally and emotionally. The benefit of both these types of assisted living services is that they open the door to further, more involved care if and when that becomes necessary.

Get in touch

Executive Home Care also offers more advanced assisted living services, such as personal care, live-in care, and we can also arrange for home visits from registered nurses. If you would like to contact us to find out more about all the assisted living services that we offer, please do not hesitate to do so. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about assisted living.

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