7 Homemaking Services That Could Help You

7 Homemaking Services That Could Help You

Learn about homemaking care and discover seven of these care services that can help seniors live more convenient, safer, and happier lives.

1. Dusting

When we think of caregivers working with seniors and people living with disabilities, we often think of them providing physical help to their clients. Caregivers help seniors get in and out of bed, help them in the bathroom, help them get around their homes, help them prepare and eat meals, and more. These services all fall under the umbrella of personal care. But there are many seniors who can do all these activities on their own who can still benefit from in-home care.

Homemaking services can make seniors’ lives more convenient and easier. Caregivers visit seniors in their homes and help them with chores and errands. One such chore is dusting. There are often plenty of hard-to-reach places in a home. Many seniors have fallen and injured themselves by climbing up on a chair to dust the top of a tall piece of furniture. Homemaking care eliminates this potential hazard.

2. Vacuuming

After dusting, what’s the next thing you do? Vacuuming! But vacuum cleaners can be heavy and lugging one around is a good way for a senior to throw out their back. Why not leave that to a caregiver and have a relaxing afternoon instead?

3. Mopping

Mopping floors is another chore that requires a lot of bending over and a fair bit of elbow grease. And then there’s the hazard of trying to traverse slippery floors. Altogether, mopping can be a big problem for many seniors.

4. Deep Cleans

Dusting, vacuuming, and mopping are chores we should all do fairly regularly. Then there are chores which are more occasional, but often more taxing as well. Cleaning the inside of refrigerators, scrubbing stovetops, and cleaning bathtubs and be very labor intensive. Seniors might put these chores off and then despair at the grime that has accumulated. Caregivers can do all of this and seniors can enjoy a clean home without the stress.

5. Laundry

Doing laundry is another chore seniors often put off because of how inconvenient it can be. Laundry baskets can get heavy, especially when the laundry is wet. It’s an even bigger problem if seniors have to traverse basement stairs or go to the laundry room in their building.

6. Grocery Shopping

Many seniors can’t drive or don’t feel comfortable doing so. And some groceries are heavy. This can make getting the right provisions difficult. Caregivers can take care of all that.

7. Medication Pickup

Not driving can also make picking up medicine difficult. And medicine is important. Caregivers can get it for seniors.

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