Fall Risk & Home Safety in West Palm Beach, FL

Home Safety in West Palm Beach, FL and the Surrounding Palm Beach County

Falls in the home frequently result in hospitalizations and severe health problems.

Seniors and the disabled are especially exposed to the health concerns associated with falls.

Executive Home Care‘s Fall Risk & Home Safety program was created to assist your loved one in avoiding falls while also increasing overall home security.

A trained specialist will conduct a full on-site safety assessment and medication review* as part of this unique program to assist evaluate whether potential drug interactions could constitute a substantial risk factor in falls.

Our Safety Services:

  • Entrance-to-Home Safety Evaluation
  • Safety evaluation of living areas, bathrooms, walkways, bedrooms, kitchen and lighting
  • Medications review*
  • Medical equipment evaluation*
  • Supplies safety evaluation*

*Skilled Care services may not be available in all states. Please talk with us to find out.

Home Safety in West Palm Beach, FL and the Surrounding Palm Beach County

Home safety is a significant worry for elders. They may grow less capable of managing the house as they age. Caregivers can assist make their home a safer place by implementing preventative measures and addressing any issues. This could entail removing potentially harmful items from the home or ensuring that all appliances are turned off when not in use.

Area rugs, low tables, and ottomans are examples of potential hazards that our team will assess. Our staff will inspect the area for cords and wires, nonslip flooring, and any other potential trip hazards.

Our team understands that making things as simple as possible for elders can significantly improve their security. Installing bathroom grab bars is a common solution, as many in-home falls occur in the bathroom. Another popular strategy employed by our team is to provide easy and accessible seating. Kitchen and shower stools, as well as a bench near the front entrance for putting shoes on, make it easier for seniors to cook and bathe, and handle daily tasks independently.

We can significantly improve home safety for your loved ones, and we take pride in prioritizing elder safety.

Schedule a Consultation

Your local staff is eager to work with you to organize a safety and fall risk assessment. We recommend that this examination be scheduled as soon as possible so that potential senior safety issues can be recognized and treated before they cause harm.

Contact us today to schedule your in-home Fall Risk & Home Safety exam.

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