How to Manage In-Home Care as a Loved One

At Executive Home Care, we realize that while we provide in-person care to loved ones throughout the country, our client is the family.

More often than not, we work directly with people who are related to the person needing care. This means our priorities are to deliver outstanding care while also being a resource for family members at the same time.

We want what’s best for your loved one. We also want what’s best for you, and we recognize that you may not know how to manage in-home care for a family member.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

Stay in Touch with your Care Planner

Part of delivering excellent in-home care means keeping you informed about how things are going. Executive Home Care creates unique care plans that include weekly and monthly check-ins with information and updates so you’re never left wondering.

Remember that if you ever have questions about your care plan, quality of care, billing, or anything else, your point-of-contact at Executive Home Care will be happy to help.

Prepare for the Adjustment Period

When a senior becomes reliant on someone to assist them in performing everyday tasks, there can be hesitation or resistance, especially early on. This is very common.

Particularly for seniors who are new to in-home care, the adjustment period can be awkward. They may feel like the help is unnecessary. They may have preferences that can take some time for the caregiver to learn. However, over time, the adjustment period will pass and the routine care will become a part of everyday living.

During the early phases, prepare for this adjustment period, and know that it is temporary.

Make Changes As Necessary

Another common experience for first-time clients is getting too much or too little initial care. Often, deciding the visitation frequency and service level is a balance that takes into consideration budget, personal needs, and more.

It’s also common for seniors to voice their opinions about how the help is provided. This feedback is crucial, and it’s important to capture it, make whatever changes are needed, and continue providing the best possible care.

A new care plan is a work in progress until a certain rhythm is achieved. Rest assured, your care team will work with you and your loved one to do whatever it takes to get there.

Still Have Questions?

Don’t rush into an in-home care decision without getting answers to all of your questions. Contact us today, and let a member of our team give you the information you’re looking for.

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