How to Get Started

Arranging for high-quality, professional in-home care for your loved one is easy. The Executive Home Care office nearest you is your one-stop resource for everything you need, from getting answers to your questions to scheduling the first day of care.

Our unique, three-step process puts seniors’ safety, comfort, and independence first while giving family members a simple, straightforward way to find the right caregiver to meet their needs.

Step 1: Schedule Your In-Home Consultation

On a day and time that works for you, an Executive Home Care representative will visit the home or treatment facility where the senior resides. This meet-and-greet will help us get to know your loved one while also giving you the opportunity to learn more about the care we will provide.

Step 2: Review and Approve Your Customized Care Plan

After the in-home consultation, your dedicated care team will develop a customized care plan for you to review. Unless any changes are needed, you’ll agree to the terms and conditions of the care plan, and the first day of care will be scheduled.

Step 3: Ongoing Care Evaluation

We are committed to providing consistently high quality of care. This can require ongoing modifications to the care plan, which your local Executive Home Care representative will manage with you.

Ready to Begin? So Are We.

The Executive Home Care representative near you is ready to begin working with you to create the ideal care plan for your loved one.

Contact us today, and we will be happy to assist you in starting the process.

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