Silver Lining for the Silver Age: Elder Care Services

Silver Lining for the Silver Age: Elder Care Services

Your retirement years are meant to be your “golden years”. Your time to finally kick back and relax. You can finally retire and really devote yourself to enjoying life. You see television commercials of beautiful, silver-haired people smiling and showing off their pearly whites while on a cruise, hiking, yachting, or relaxing on a beach. And as you see images such as these you think to yourself, “Yeah, that should be me”.

Except maybe your back was strained from bringing groceries into your home yesterday. Or maybe you’re recovering from a surgery or an injury and it’s not going that well. Maybe you recently had to start using an ostomy or colostomy bag and it’s really giving you trouble. Or maybe there’s just nobody around you and you’re feeling lonely. Aging isn’t easy. It’s often difficult, challenging, and it can get seniors down. The truth is there is no right way to spend your golden years. But there are wrong ways to spend them and in discomfort or alone while stubbornly struggling to do everything yourself is definitely the wrong way. That’s why you should look into elder care services.

Elder Care Services

Most of us have at least a vague understanding of elder care services. But many people don’t know the whole picture. Some people, including some seniors, have a very outdated and stereotypically negative view of elder care services. They imagine a sad old nursing home with a bunch of seniors being told what to do and when to do it. But this is rarely the reality for seniors today.

First, senior care facilities have improved significantly in recent decades, so that’s good. But even more appealing to many seniors nowadays is senior home care. A lot of seniors would prefer to stay in their own homes. And they can. The list of elder care services that can be provided in-home is long and diverse. Gone are the days when elder care services were almost exclusively offered by senior care facilities. More and more seniors are enjoying their lives with the help of in-home elder care services.

Types of Elder Care Services

There a various types of elder care services that you can receive in-home. It all depends on what you want and what you need. Some seniors require a lot of assistance in order to take care of themselves and manage their lives. Other seniors just want a little bit of help here and there with the tasks that challenge them the most in life. Some of the different categories of elder care services include:

  • Companion Care Services – These services help seniors who feel isolated and lonely. They help seniors maintain and improve their mental and emotional health.
  • Homemaking Services – For a lot of seniors, the tasks that slow them down in life have nothing to do with themselves but rather their homes. Taking care of a home is hard work and it only gets harder with age. But homemaking services alleviate this burden on the elderly.
  • Personal Care Services – For seniors who need help with the activities of daily living there are personal care services. Such services include help with preparing and eating food, using the toilet, getting out of bed, and mobility.

Executive Home Care

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