Who Are the Seniors Who Can Benefit from Elder Care Services?

Who Are the Seniors Who Can Benefit from Elder Care Services?

As the Baby Boomer generation are now entering their senior years, the demand for elder care services has never been higher. As we age, our bodies, and sometimes our minds, begin to slow down. It’s not a pleasant thought, but it is a fact. While there are plenty of 70 year olds, 80 year olds, and even 90 year olds who are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves all on their own. But for every 90 year old who is completely independent, there are several more who rely on elder care of some kind. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about or hide from, it’s just something that happens to us as we age.

Personal Care

Personal care is perhaps the elder care service that first springs to mind when we imagine elder care services. Personal care services are for seniors who require assistance with their activities of daily living. By “activities of daily living”, we mean the activities we all do every day to take care of ourselves and to get through life. Such activities include bathing, dressing, transferring from beds/wheelchairs, using the toilet, eating, and walking. These are quite basic activities that we all need to do every day, so, they’re clearly quite important. But many seniors struggle or forget to do some of these tasks. As such, to life safely and healthily, they require the help of a caregiver in order to perform these activities.

Other Elder Care Services

But personal care does not account for all elder care services. Personal care is for seniors who are rather limited in their abilities to take care of themselves. But a senior does not need to have such marked problems or issues in order to benefit from elder care services. There are plenty of elder care services that can benefit seniors who are perfectly capable of bathing and feeding themselves. But they might have problems in other areas of their lives.

Homemaking Services

Executive Home Care is proud to offer all of our elder care services in-home. This means our clients can receive elder care where they have always lived and do not have to move into a senior care facility. Years ago, just about any senior who needed any help at all was urged to move into such a facility. We think that’s wrong. If a senior wants to remain in their home why shouldn’t they? Just because they have trouble grocery shopping or doing the laundry?

With homemaking services, this is no longer an issue. Seniors can now remain in their homes and relax knowing that the tricker and more difficult homemaking tasks can be taken care of a by a caregiver. Homemaking services are sometimes overlooked when it comes to elder care, but they shouldn’t it be. They can make the difference between a senior having to move or getting to stay in their beloved home.

Companionship Services

Some seniors’ physical health is perfectly fine but they are at risk for emotional or mental problems. Many seniors live in isolation or semi-isolation. This can lead to depression and a whole host of other problems. Companionship services give seniors an outlet for their social and emotional needs.

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