How Practical Is Live-In Home Care For The Elderly?

How Practical Is Live-In Home Care For The Elderly?


Live-in home care can really help the elderly. But which elderly. Can live-in home care help all elderly people? Or just a select few? Is live-in home care practical? Is live-in home care affordable?

Some seniors need around-the-clock care. Is live-in home care really an option for these elderly people?

Well-run nursing homes can provide around-the-clock care. But many seniors don’t want to move into nursing homes. Nursing homes can be very depressing places for some seniors. Many seniors don’t want to leave their current homes which they love and to which they’ve grown attached. Moving into a nursing home signals the beginning of the end for them. They don’t want that and as their loved one, neither do you. So what is the other option for such elderly people? It’s live-in home care.

Live-in home care ensures that the elderly have access to care whenever they need it. Whether it’s routine help or help in an emergency situation, live-in home care means there is always somebody there.

Live-in home care means that a caregiver lives in the home of an elderly person. They live with them and can provide care whenever the elderly client needs it. Having somebody to look after the elderly person means they will be healthier and it also means they can help if an emergency arises. This also gives the family of the elderly person some peace of mind. Very rarely can a family provide all the care that this type of senior would need. Live-in home care is the only way to make sure some elderly people get the care they need without having to leave their homes.

Live-in care is great. It means elderly people are safer, healthier, and less lonely. But is it really practical?

What do you need to make live-in home care a practical option? Obviously, it’s not for every senior. First, the home in question has to be big enough to alot a spare room to the caregiver. And while they can be around for an emergency whenever it happens, they obviously can’t work 24-7. A schedule has to be worked out that allows the live-in caregiver the appropriate amount of spare time. And then there’s one more issue: the money.

For most elderly people, live-in home care is the more convenient option. And convenience usually costs extra. So what will live-in home care cost the elderly?

You pay more to have food delivered than to pick up your food. The comfort of business class costs a lot more than an economy seat on a flight. Convenience and comfort cost more. Live-in home care is convenient and increases comfort. So it costs more than moving into a nursing home or other senior care facility, right?

Wrong. Live-in home care will cost every elderly person and their family a different amount. It depends on where they live, what services they require, and myriad other factors. However, for a  strong majority of elderly people, live-in home care is cheaper than moving into a senior care community. Nursing homes and other facilities require rent and fees to pay for the entire establishment. With live-in home care you need only pay for the services you receive.

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