Are In-Home Caregivers Affordable?

In-Home Caregivers

Many seniors will reach a point in their lives when they need assistance moving through life. Some of us will suffer a major health setback, such as being diagnosed with a disease or chronic condition, or perhaps some of us will suffer an injury. Regardless, if we live long enough, we’re likely to need care of some kind.

Many families try to give this care to their elderly loved ones themselves. But many families, try as they might, cannot provide all the care and assistance their elderly loved one needs. At this point, hiring caregivers to look after your loved one becomes necessary, but, what form should this care take?

Elder care

When discussing elder care, many people think of nursing homes or assisted living facilities right away. These are more traditional forms of elder care. They can be great and suit some seniors and their families’ situations. But is it the best for everybody? Nursing homes can be very expensive. What’s more, some are so big, and have a lot of staff turnover, that it can be difficult for these facilities to give exactly the best care that each senior specifically needs. And the truth is, even at the best assisted care facilities, there is still the problem that, in order to move there, seniors must give up their homes. Homes in which they have lived for decades in some cases.

In-home care

An alternative to nursing homes and assisted care facilities is in-home care. In-home care sees caregivers come to the home of seniors and provide them with the tailor made plan of care they need, whether that care focuses mainly on helping them to take care of their homes and run errands or more personal care, helping them with their bodies and the like. In-home caregivers can establish a more personal connection with their clients and know exactly how best to help them.

This sounds like a great option for many families. But some are skeptical as to whether or not it is financially practical to hire an in-home caregiver. So just how does in-home care stack up against an assisted living facility in financial terms?

Cost of in-home caregivers

Every year Genworth compiles a report called the “Cost of Care Survey”. According to this survey, home care actually costs less than other options, such as an assisted living facility. The survey found that the national average cost of hiring an in-home caregiver is $20 per hour. Compare this to the average amount that a resident at an assisted living facility pays, which is $3628 per month. Nursing homes can cost up to $253 per day, so in many cases, hiring an in-home caregiver is the most affordable option. All of this is to say that, with an in-home caregiver,  you can get the care you need for your elderly loved one without having move them out of their homes.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our in-home caregivers or about any of the services that they can provide, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We would be more than happy to talk with you and help you figure out what the exact best type of care is for your elderly family member or loved one.

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