How Much Senior Care is Accessible In-Home?

How Much Senior Care is Accessible In-Home?

Senior care improves lives. Senior care transforms lives. Senior care saves lives. Not every senior will need care at some point in their lives, but many, if not most, will. Given that there are approximately 52 million seniors in the United States right now, that’s a lot of demand for senior care. Can senior care facilities, such as assisted living communities and nursing homes, provide all that care? The answer is . . . no. But that’s OK, because not every senior who needs or wants senior care has to receive that care from a senior care facility. They can receive that care in their own homes.

Senior Care Communities

Some seniors need help taking care of themselves. They need help with the Activities of Daily Living. This is a term we use to denote all the tasks we do every day to take care of ourselves. Activities such as brushing our teeth, using the toilet, bathing, getting in and out of bed, etc. For many seniors, these are as easy as they are for a 20-year old. But many other seniors struggle with these tasks and they can get help with them from the caregivers at senior care communities. The same is true for seniors who struggle with emotional or mental issues.

Other seniors can take care of themselves all right, but don’t do well when it comes to their homes. Activities such as dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, grocery shopping, and many others are too difficult, painful, or even dangerous for some seniors. By living in a senior care community, seniors need not worry about these tasks. So senior care communities solve everything, right?

The Problems With Senior Care Communities

Wrong. Senior care communities are often great, but they’re expensive. Residents and their families have to pay rent and a series of fees to keep the facility up and running. That’s beyond the means of many families. With home care assistance, however, you only have to pay for the services you receive. This makes home care assistance, for most seniors, the more affordable option. Beyond being affordable and convenient, many seniors would just prefer to receive their care in their own homes. It’s only natural to grow attached to one’s home and for seniors who have lived in the same home for years, perhaps even decades, leaving it to move into a care facility can be very disheartening. Home care assistance allows seniors to receive care under more positive circumstances.

Home Care Assistance

So home care assistance is cheaper, more convenient, and preferable for many seniors. What’s the catch? You can only receive a limited number of senior care services at home, right? Wrong again. The truth is that from a well-run and accomplished senior healthcare organization –such as Executive Home Care– you can receive pretty much any senior care service offered in a care facility right in your own home. This is true of personal care services, homemaking services,  and companionship services. But it is also true of specialized care which are services for seniors with special conditions, skilled care which are services that require a registered nurse, and even live-in care which is when a caregiver lives in the home of the client to provide assistance whenever necessary.

Executive Home Care

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