The Value of Live-In Home Care


When your parent or elderly loved one is feeling lonely and is in danger of becoming isolated, you can avail yourself of the help of companion care and have a care worker spend time with them regularly to make sure they are all right. If they have let their home fall into disrepair because the everyday tasks of housekeeping have become too painful or difficult for them, you can enlist the help of homemaker services. If they need personal care, even every day, you can get help for them then, too. But what if they need around the clock care? 24 hour access to a care worker. What do you do then?

Live-in home care

You have to start looking at nursing homes and elderly care facilities, right? Wrong. Your better option is likely live-in home care. Live-in home care services are designed for individuals who may have more complex needs requiring around the clock care. A live-in caregiver stays in the home 24 hours a day and is available to assist whenever needed. The assigned caregiver provides personal, social, and domestic in-home care and supervision at a level which is appropriate for you or your elderly family member.

Live-in home care services are intended to help with the activities of daily living, as well. Such assistance can allow you or your elderly family member to remain in a safe, clean, familiar, and healthy home environment. Not only will you or your elderly loved one get the personal and medical care necessary for their well being, but there are many other benefits, as well. A live-in home care worker can also provide the required homemaking services to ensure the house is well maintained. And, of course, there are the intangible benefits. Intangibles such as companionship. Having a trusted and friendly person around at all times can help with a senior’s emotional and mental stability beyond any specific personal care they may receive.


So, when you add it all up, what is the value of live-in home care? Well, what is the value of your parents’ or your elderly loved one’s (or your) health, happiness, and safety? At Executive Home Care, we believe such things to be priceless. And yet, despite this, our live-in home care services are likely far more affordable than you might think.

The fact of the matter is that, if your parent or elderly loved one required around the clock care, assistance, and/or supervision, you can’t do that yourself. Even if you could physically live with them, you have your own life to look after and maintain. And your own life to enjoy. And your parents and elderly loved ones have theirs. That doesn’t stop just because they have medical and personal concerns. So why pull them out of their beloved homes and put them in a nursing home when live-in home care is probably the far better and more practical option?

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At Executive Home Care, our custom-designed Plan of Care makes sure that the home care services are delivered in the most dignified, effective, and cost-efficient manner. If you have any questions about Executive Home Care’s live-in home care services, or any of our other services, please get in touch with us today.

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