7 Ways Health Care Agencies Can Help Seniors

7 Ways Health Care Agencies Can Help Seniors


Health care agencies can help anybody to improve or maintain their health but many have special programs for seniors. Some are entirely devoted to helping seniors, or seniors and younger people who live with disabilities. If you’re a senior, somebody who is approaching their senior years, or the loved one of a senior, you’re probably wondering how a health care agency can help you. The cold hard truth is that seniors are more likely to need care than any other age demographic, so it’s all about preparing yourself. Preparing yourself by trying to live and eat healthy but also by arming yourself with the knowledge that you’re likely to need. With that in mind, here are seven ways health care agencies can help seniors.

1. Supplemental Healthcare

When they need care, many seniors move into a senior care facility. But some seniors find that their care needs are not being met, or that their needs have changed over time. In such cases, they should consider contacting a health care agency to provide a caregiver to administer additional care. Likewise, the managers of these facilities can often benefit by contracting work out to health care agencies so that they can provide supplemental healthcare staffing. This takes a huge burden off of the community manager and ensures that they will always have the right number of qualified staff.

2. In-Home Care

Many seniors receive care in senior care facilities. But many others do not. They either don’t want to leave their homes to move into such a community, or such a move is not practical for them, or it’s too expensive. In any event, for such seniors, health care agencies can provide in-home care where the care is delivered to them in their own private homes. In-home care services can be divided into three categories: personal care, homemaker services, and companion care.

3. Personal Care

Personal care helps seniors with the Activities of Daily Living. These activities include all the basic tasks we all do every day to take care of ourselves, including grooming, bathing, eating, using the toilet, and getting around. Health care agencies can help seniors struggling with these tasks by providing a caregiver to administer personal care.

4. Homemaker Services

Some seniors can take care of themselves just fine but managing their homes is a struggle. Chores such as bringing the laundry up and down the stairs, cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, vacuuming, and errands like grocery shopping can be painful for seniors. Health care agencies can provide homemaker services to help with this.

5. Companionship Care

Some seniors’ health challenges are not physical but mental. Depression and neurodegenerative diseases occur at high rates for seniors. A health care agency can supply a caregiver to look after the mental and emotional health of a senior.

6. Live-In Care

Sometimes seniors need high levels of care beyond what even a daily visit can do. In such cases, health care agencies can supply a caregiver to actually live in the home of the client to provide care whenever necessary.

7. Skilled Care

Health care agencies can even arrange for registered nurses to visit clients in their homes to provide certain functions.

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