5 Benefits of Companion Care Services

5 Benefits of Companion Care Services

In our society we have a tendency to focus more on physical health rather than mental or emotional health. It makes sense, given that physical health is more visible and easily noticed, but there is often also a stigma around people admitting to having mental health issues. This is a shame but, thankfully, this is beginning to change. For seniors who grew up in a different time, however, admitting to struggling with mental or emotional health problems can be very difficult. This is particularly distressing because seniors suffer from depression at higher rates, largely due to the fact that many seniors live in isolation. Companion care services can help solve this problem. Here are five benefits of companion care services.

1. Companion Care Services Alleviate Depression

Once a senior retires, they don’t see the same coworkers every day. They or their friends and family may have moved away over time and many seniors live alone, sometimes due to the death of their spouse. But even elderly couples can become isolated from the outside world together. This isolation can lead to depression which can lead to a number of physical health problems, such as lack of eating and self-care.

Companion care services can break this isolation, reconnect seniors with the outside world, and prevent the worst results of depression. Companion care services are provided by caregivers who come to visit seniors in their homes. Caregivers provide companionship by playing card or board games with seniors, driving them to appointments, helping them keep up with correspondence, and just talking and listening to them.

2. Companion Care Services Can Ward Off Mental Health Problems Before They Develop

Companion care services are not just for seniors who are already exhibiting signs of depression. If you fear that your elderly loved one is cut off from the outside world and is living in isolation, you can arrange for companion care services for them. This can prevent emotional problems such as depression from taking hold. Companion care services can be part of a healthy routine for seniors.

3. Companion Care Services Allow Seniors And Their Families To Enjoy More Of Their Time Together

With companion care services, families can more fully enjoy their time together. With companion care services, a caregiver can talk to and listen to your elderly loved one about how they’re feeling. Caregivers in this position are able to give you insights into the mental health of your elderly loved one and let you know of any possible problems on the horizon. This means you don’t have to analyze everything your elderly loved one says and worry if every misremembered anecdote is a symptom of onset dementia. You can just relax and enjoy your time together.

4. Companion Care Services Are Fun

Apart from everything else, companion services are just fun. Your elderly loved one will have somebody to converse with, to laugh with, to reminisce with, to play games with, to take walks with, and a number of other activities.

5. Companion Care Services Open The Door To Further Care

Many seniors’ needs change over time. Seniors often need higher levels of care as they age. Transitioning from companion care to personal care is much easier than going from zero to sixty.

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