5 Ways A Live-In Senior Caregiver Can Help

5 Ways A Live-In Senior Caregiver Can Help

Live-in senior care represents the most total form of in-home care that exists. Not every senior who requires care needs the services of a live-in senior caregiver, but many can benefit from their services, nonetheless. Here are five ways a live-in senior caregiver can help.

1. A Live-In Senior Caregiver Can Provide The Most Amount Of Care In-Home.

Many caregivers visit seniors in their homes and provide care as needed. Some seniors receive visits every day, others multiple times a day, and still others only weekly. In-home care is a customized service, so seniors get whatever care they need however often they need it. But what if seniors need around-the-clock access to care? For such seniors there is live-in senior care. Live-in senior caregivers can provide their clients with care whenever they need it because they live in the same home with them.

2. A Live-In Senior Caregiver Can Assist In Emergencies.

Live-in senior caregivers can’t work 24/7, obviously. They need time off, days off, and privacy like anybody else, so you will have to negotiate their schedules so that you have a plan that works for everybody. Having said that, because live-in senior caregivers live in their clients’ homes, there will always be somebody there in case of an emergency. A 2AM fall on the bathroom floor is far less dangerous with a live-in senior caregiver around.

3. A Live-In Senior Caregiver Can Provide Companionship And Do Household Chores.

When we think of line-in caregivers, we usually imagine them providing personal care to their senior clients. Personal care involves physically taking care of people. But live-in care isn’t just about personal care. Having somebody around also keeps seniors company, boosting their mental health and emotional wellbeing. And since they live there, these caregivers can also provide homemaking care, taking care of household chores and errands.

4. Live-In Senior Caregivers Provide An Alternative To Assisted Living.

Seniors can get access to the same services in a senior living facility, such as an assisted living community or nursing home. But these places can be quite expensive and moreover, many seniors don’t want to move out of their homes. And there’s another reason right now why seniors might want to avoid senior living communities. . .

5. Live-In Senior Caregivers Can Minimize The Risk Of COVID-19.

Many seniors need care, pandemic or no pandemic. But some senior living communities have been unable to contain outbreaks of COVID-19. Having all your care given to you by one caregiver with whom you live reduces your chances of contracting COVID-19 drastically.

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