5 FAQs about Live-In Senior Caregivers

5 FAQs about Live-In Senior Caregivers


Live-in senior caregivers are a crucial part of the care for many seniors across America. Many seniors require care but they either don’t want to move into a senior care facility, or it’s not practical for them. That is why in-home care exists: so seniors can get all the care they need delivered to them in their own homes. But what if a senior needs a lot of care? Access to care 24/7? Surely, they need to move into a senior care facility, right? Not necessarily. For such seniors, there is live-in care. Live in-care is provided by live-in senior caregivers and how it works is a little confusing for many seniors in their families. This article seeks to help. Here are five frequently asked questions about live-in senior caregivers.

1. Who Are Live-in Senior Caregivers?

Live-in senior caregivers are just like the other caregivers that Executive Home Care employs, except they are able to relocate to the homes of their clients to provide care whenever needed. All live-in senior caregivers must pass a rigorous pre-employment process to work for Executive Home Care, including a criminal background check and employment history review. All live-in senior caregivers are trained and skilled at what they do and they undergo periodic performance assessments and continuing education. At Executive Home Care, we work hard to find the right live-in senior caregiver for the right client.

2. What Care Can Live-in Senior Caregivers Provide?

Live-in senior caregivers can provide all the care that other in-home caregivers provide. This includes personal care, which involves helping clients with the Activities of Daily Living. These activities are things we must all do every day to take care of ourselves, such as brushing our teeth, bathing, getting around, eating, and using the toilet. Live-in senior caregivers also provide companionship services where they attend to the mental and emotional needs of clients. Lastly, live-in senior caregivers make life easier for seniors by providing homemaking services such as dusting, vacuuming, cleaning, and running errands.

3. What Do You Need To Support A Live-in Senior Caregiver?

Your home or the home of your senior loved one needs to be big enough to house a live-in senior caregiver. They need their own room and access to their own space. Also, while live-in senior caregivers can be on hand at any given moment to help their clients, they can’t actually work 24/7; they need time off like anybody else. Executive Home Care works closely with our clients and live-in senior caregivers to create a detailed schedule that works for everybody involved.

4. Is Live-in Senior Care Really Expensive?

Clearly, procuring the services of a live-in senior caregiver will cost more than other caregivers. Being on hand to help all of the time will obviously cost more than having a caregiver come by twice a week to help with errands and chores. That said, senior living facilities can also be quite expensive. You have to pay rent and other fees to keep the facility going. Because of this, live-in senior care is not significantly more expensive than the alternative and is sometimes even cheaper.

5. Are Live-in Senior Care Services Available In All Fifty States?

No. Not all live-in senior care services are available in every state.

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