Fall Risk & Home Safety in Stratford, CT

Fall Risk and Home Safety in Stratford, CT and the Surrounding Fairfield and New Haven Counties

Falls at home often lead to trips to the hospital and complicated health problems.

Seniors and people with disabilities are especially at risk for health problems after a fall.

The Fall Risk & Home Safety program from Executive Home Care was made to help your loved one stay safe at home and avoid falls.

As part of this one-of-a-kind program, a trained professional will do a thorough, on-site safety check and a medication review* to help figure out if there are any drug interactions that could increase the risk of falling. Call us today at (203) 693-9049 to learn more about our services.

Fall Risk & Senior Safety Services include:

  • Entrance-to-Home Safety Evaluation
  • Safety evaluation of living areas, bathrooms, walkways, bedrooms, kitchen and lighting
  • Medications review*
  • Medical equipment evaluation*
  • Supplies safety evaluation*

*Skilled Care services may not be available in all states. Please talk with us to learn more.

Home Safety and Senior Safety in Stratford, CT and the Surrounding Fairfield and New Haven Counties

For seniors, home safety is an important concern. As they age, they may become less able to manage the house. Caregivers can help make their home a safer place by implementing prevention methods and controlling possible problems. This could include removing hazardous items from the home or making sure that all appliances are turned off when not in use.

We will assess potential hazards, like area rugs, electrical cords, low tables, and ottomans. Our team will assess the environment for cords and wires, nonslip flooring and any other items that can be a trip hazard.

Our team recognizes that making things as easy as possible for seniors can greatly increase their safety. Installing bathroom grab bars is an often taken approach, as many in-home falls happen in the bathroom. Providing easy and accessible seating is another common method used by our team. Accessible seating like kitchen and shower stools make it easier for seniors to cook and bathe independently, as well as placing a bench near the front door for putting shoes on.

Our team can greatly increase home safety for your loved ones, and we take pride in putting senior safety first.

Learn More About Our Services for Seniors

Your local team is ready to help you set up a safety and fall risk assessment at home. We suggest that you schedule this assessment as soon as possible so that any potential senior safety risks can be found and dealt with quickly before they cause harm.

Contact us today to set up your in-home Fall Risk and Home Safety assessment.

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