Our Caregiver Culture

For seniors, nothing brightens up the day like a visit from their Executive Home Care companion.

Our caregivers consider it an honor to provide compassionate, attentive personal care whether in a home setting, at a clinic, or when out and about running errands in town.

What drives them? What makes our caregivers so special?

It all comes down to culture.

The 'Quality of Care' Mindset

At Executive Home Care, one of our core values is Quality of Care, which describes the skillful and careful delivery of personal and companion care for our clients. Our caregivers put themselves in the shoes of the seniors they assist, and they pose the question, “How would I want to be cared for?”.

Carrying out high Quality of Care also involves getting to know the client on a personal level. What are their preferences? What food do they like? What are their morning, afternoon, and evening routines? What are their favorite TV shows?

Answers to these questions help the caregiver to ensure that the assistance they provide is always outstanding, putting the safety and comfort of the client first at all times.

Ongoing Personal Development and Training

Executive Home Care personnel are encouraged to advance their skills through specialized training and development targeted at helping them to deliver the best possible care.

As seniors age, their care needs can become increasingly complex. Executive Home Care rises to the occasion with caregivers who have been trained to help with a variety of care scenarios, whether it involves helping a senior out of bed in the morning or assisting them with their daily hygiene routine.

This all translates into a better overall total experience for the client—as our caregivers advance in their knowledge and skills, our clients benefit through higher Quality of Care.

Explore Care Options Today

Your local Executive Home Care team is standing by now, ready to discuss care options for your loved one. To get started, contact us today and schedule a free in-home assessment.

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