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I would like to introduce myself and my family. I am Michael Savoie, and with my mom, Camille, and my sister Robin, we own Executive Home Care.
We began our journey as business owners together in the community, way back in 1987. We owned two restaurants for 27 years, before becoming owners of Executive Home Care in 2014.
Why the transition, you may ask? We lost several close family members in a short period of time. This included my dad at 55 years old. My mom was not only a caregiver for other family members, but was my dad’s primary caregiver 24/7.  My father had extreme anxiety and did not sleep much. He was in constant motion. He was a very strong man, tall and proud. Near the end of his illness he weighed less than 100 pounds. We would take turns helping him pace around the house. It was emotionally and physically exhausting.
When he was in the hospital they wanted to restrain him, because he wouldn’t stay still. My mother would not allow this, so she would lie by his side day and night for his safety and comfort right up until his last breath.
My mother is a hero to my sister and I. She would always mention to us that we should consider a transition to the home care industry to help others. She knew that Robin and I were full of compassion, and loved seniors. This in itself would make it a much easier transition.
So, after 27 years in the restaurant industry, we purchased and opened Executive Home Care, which is a part of a small franchise. It is certainly a decision that we have not regretted. In fact, we wish we had done it sooner. Unfortunately, our decision was primarily decided, due to so much suffering and pain. We are very happy with our decision, and we want to make a difference and we have!


Michael Savoie

Owners of Executive Home Care - Camille with her two children, Robin and Michael


In all my years of business, education and healthcare work I have never met a man of more heart, compassion for those in need, and innovative ideas of how to help than the owner of Executive Home Care, Michael (Mike) Savoie. His loyalty to professional colleagues, customers, friends and family is unparalleled. He is always there those in his orbit, a powerful and passionate support in both good times and bad, and immune to the disease of cultivating others for his own sake first. He is the most genuine of men, with no artifice and no ulterior motive but to help. He is thus successful in ways that both transcend the material, and ground it. For all his talents, he is also a beginner always, and open to the gift of others' ideas. You could do no better than to work with Mike. Consider yourself blessed if you do.
-Dr. Julia Ann O'Sullivan
Executive Director, Benchmark Senior Living
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Cindy Zacks
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Camille Savoie
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Client Coordinator
Monica Arroyo
Executive Operations Manager
Michael Savoie
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Robemny Bautista
Care Coordinator
  • Before care starts, our no obligation, face-to-face in-home consultation gives opportunity to clients and family members to ask questions and learn more about our personalized in-home care services tailored to suit their individual needs. As a result of this consultation, a caregiver is assigned that has the necessary skills, experience and personality match to best serve the client’s needs.
  • Our trained care coordinators identify specific needs of each client and design a program to enhance the quality of life for the client and family. We perform initial assessments and make periodic visits to monitor progress and client satisfaction. Our caregivers are closely supervised to ensure that the client is receiving the best possible care.
  • Executive Home Care also provides home care services to clients who are residing in a hospital or assisted living that may need extra personal attention. These  services can range from companion care and personal care to 24/7 and Live-In care, and more.

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