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Since 2004, Executive Home Care has been providing compassionate, top-quality personal and companion care for seniors who need a little help with everyday living.

Our local, attentive caregivers focus on providing care with four priorities in mind: safety, comfort, wellness, and independence.

Safety is the number one priority for all Executive Home Care personnel. We understand that your loved one may be at a higher risk for falls or other domestic injuries that might come as a result of performing day-to-day activities.

To help keep your loved one safe, their caregiver will be proactive about the living environment. This can include ensuring that halls and walkways are clear, mobility assistance devices like canes or walkers are available and in good working condition, and that your loved one is closely monitored when moving throughout the home.


Virtually all of our clients say that comfort is especially important to them when it comes to the home care they receive. For some, this can involve being dressed in comfortable clothing that fits them well, being able to relax in their favorite recliner, or simply enjoying some nice ‘comfort food’.

Being comfortable can also mean feeling respected and befriended by a caregiver. Executive Home Care personnel go out of their way to be kind, personable, and mindful of your loved one’s personal needs at all times.


We use the term wellness to refer to the total well-being of the people we care for every day. If your loved one needs to remember to take their medication on a set schedule in order to preserve their well-being, then your caregiver will be happy to give them medication reminders as needed.

Total well-being can also mean spending quality time with family and friends. Our caregivers love lending a helping hand when preparing for outings or visits with loved ones—we know how important those moments are!


For many seniors who are preparing to begin a home care arrangement, there can be worries about their level of independence. It’s important to know that our caregivers are there to enhance your loved one’s independence in every possible way.

The entire idea behind home care is to provide your loved one with as much freedom as possible to live life on their terms.

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We understand that choosing a home care provider can be a difficult and sometimes awkward decision to make. We find that it helps to view your care provider as a member of your team, one with a focus on maintaining the highest quality of life for your loved one.

To learn more about how Executive Home Care delivers top-quality personal and companion care to seniors in your area, contact us today.

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