Care at Home in Princeton, NJ

Reliable Care at Home Services in Princeton, NJ and the Surrounding Areas

A simple definition of care at home is the provision of regular support to a loved one in the home by a caring, sympathetic, and professionally trained individual. Some examples of this kind of aid include helping with getting dressed, cooking, light housekeeping, or even just resting and having a chat with a friend.

When clients need assistance with everyday activities, Executive Home Care matches them with vetted, trained caregivers.

The goal is to maintain a comfortable, safe, and happy living environment while providing for as much independence as possible.

Care Anywhere

Our aides can help in the home by making regular visits during the week. For some people, having care at home is best.

Executive Home Care staff can also provide care right at hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, or assisted living facilities. We can send our nurses anywhere help is needed!

Quality, Personalized Serivce

Our providers are chosen because they want to help people. We like to think that we are good at finding people who want to “be there” for other people.

Our care at home workers also go the extra mile by getting to know your loved one by learning about the things they like to do, the things they need extra help with, and their daily habits.

We care most about the support and relationship that are given, which often turns into a friendship over time.

In-Home and Out-of-Home Care

Our caregivers provide a wide variety of services, however the phrase “care at home” might be misleading because it does not necessarily mean assistance in the home.

Your loved one may require transportation to the grocery store on a regular basis. Another possibility is that they require dependable transportation to reach their medical appointments. It could be the ideal day for a stroll in the park, though.

When it comes to non-medical transportation, the staff at Executive Home Care are more than pleased to help with any needs that may arise.

Taking the Next Step

When you’re ready to explore care at home options for your loved one, we’ll be ready to listen and offer our suggestions and services.

To get started, contact us today, and a local Executive Home Care representative will be in touch with you.

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