Fall Risk & Home Safety in Cherry Hill, NJ

Fall Risk & Home Safety in Cherry Hill, NJ and the Surrounding Areas

Home falls are a common cause of hospitalizations and serious health problems, with seniors and those with disabilities being particularly susceptible.

The Fall Risk & Home Safety program at Executive Home Care is tailored to help prevent falls and enhance overall home security.

Our specially trained specialist will perform a comprehensive on-site safety assessment and review medications* to assess potential drug interactions as a significant factor in fall risk. Call (856) 424-5555 to schedule your in-home consultation today.

Services include:

  • Entrance-to-Home Safety Evaluation
  • Safety evaluation of living areas, bathrooms, walkways, bedrooms, kitchen and lighting
  • Medications review*
  • Medical equipment evaluation*
  • Supplies safety evaluation*

*Skilled Care services may not be available in all states. Please talk with us to find out.

Fall Risk and Home Safety in Cherry Hill, NJ and the Surrounding Areas

The safety of elderly individuals within their homes is a significant concern. With age, they may face challenges in maintaining their living environment. Caregivers can play a vital role in enhancing home safety by implementing preventative measures and addressing potential issues. This may involve the removal of potential hazards and ensuring that appliances are turned off when not in use.

Our team will carefully assess items such as area rugs, low tables, and ottomans for possible safety risks. We will also conduct checks for cords, wires, non-slip flooring, and other potential tripping hazards.

Our team understands the importance of simplifying the living environment for the elderly to enhance their home safety. Common solutions include installing bathroom grab bars, as many in-home falls occur in the bathroom. Additionally, we often provide easily accessible seating options, such as kitchen and shower stools, as well as a bench near the front entrance for putting on shoes. These modifications make it easier for seniors to cook, bathe, and perform their daily tasks independently.

We are dedicated to significantly improving the safety of your loved ones’ homes and take pride in our commitment to elder safety.

Take the Next Step Today

Your local Executive Home Care team is ready to work with you to schedule an in-home assessment of safety and fall risks. We recommend scheduling this assessment as soon as possible, so that potential safety risks can be quickly identified and managed before they cause harm.

To schedule your in-home Fall Risk & Home Safety assessment, contact us today.

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