Is Home Care Right for Us?

Your decision to work with a home care provider is one that should be taken seriously. This is a big change for your loved one, and it deserves thorough research and evaluation.

When thinking about whether or not home care is right for your loved one, it can be tempting to put it off another week, another month, or another year. However, keep in mind that ensuring safety and well-being are the biggest reasons why people choose Executive Home Care, and they almost always tell us that they wish they would have contacted us sooner.

Questions to Consider

To determine if it’s time to arrange for home care for your loved one, ask yourself the following questions:

Are care needs increasing?

One of the more common indications of a need for home care are noticeable changes in personal appearance and/or household cleanliness. For some seniors, these changes can take months to notice, whereas for others, it can be obvious within just a few weeks.

Perhaps the mail is piling up. Maybe the dishes don’t get done. Your loved one’s appearance might be showing neglect or significant lack of personal hygiene.

They might not come out and say it, but it’s quite likely they need a little help with everyday tasks.

Are you stressed from providing the care yourself?

We see this a lot: family members do their best to provide personal care for their aging loved one only to end up feeling burned out and spent from all of the effort that is required.

It’s completely understandable to do everything you can to help your aging parent or grandparent live an independent life, but when the caregiving starts taking a significant toll on you, it might be time to contact us and arrange for help.

Are there numerous falls, injuries, or illnesses?

Most seniors are able to adjust their surroundings to accommodate their needs. But over time, lack of mobility or ability can start to manifest injuries like bruises, fractures, or sprains.

As we age, it’s also common for our immune systems to degrade. If you’re noticing a higher-than-normal frequency of illnesses, it could be time to explore home care options.

Where to Go from Here

It’s not always easy to make the determination that home care is needed for a loved one. Sometimes, talking with a caring professional can make the decision less stressful for everyone involved.

Your local Executive Home Care team is here for you. We’re ready to talk you through your options and provide guidance during this challenging time.

Reach out to us today, and let’s start a conversation.

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