Hospital to Home Transitional Care in Cherry Hill, NJ

Transitional Care for Seniors in Cherry Hill, NJ and the Surrounding Areas

After a stay in the hospital, returning home should feel like coming home.

It’s a chance to start fresh at home and establish some brand-new habits. It’s also a chance to make sure your loved one is as secure and comfortable as possible.

Executive Home Care facilitates the return home from the hospital. Our caregivers have received specialized training to assist the elderly with routine duties that will make their time spent recuperating from medical procedures more pleasant.

Working with your local Executive Home Care team, you can develop a specialized care strategy that streamlines and simplifies all aspects of the relocation process.

Transitional Care for as Long as You Need It

Every senior’s living situation is different, and everyone has different care needs that are unique to them.

In preparation for your loved one coming home, the Executive Home Care team will work with you to make a plan for a smooth shift, no matter how long ongoing care might be needed.

This care plan can include:

  • Non-medical transport home from the hospital
  • Meal preparation
  • Hygiene care
  • Ongoing well-being monitoring
  • Medication reminders
  • Ongoing care plan revisions as needed

With the help of a committed, trained caregiver from Executive Home Care, the move back to life at home is much easier and less stressful. It all starts with a free discussion about care at home.

Quality, Reliable Transitional Care in Cherry Hill, NJ and the Surrounding Areas

Transitional care should be adapted to each patient’s specific health requirements and aspirations. A thorough plan should be designed based on efficient communication among all parties involved; this involves implementation in coordination designs that are focused on each patient’s individual objectives of care. Furthermore, when developing a customized plan, it is critical that communication efforts consider not only general medical issues but also considerations such as personal matters. The objective is to provide adequate post-hospital follow-up while lowering readmission rates and improving health outcomes after discharge.

Take the Next Step Today

Your local Executive Home Care team is ready to work with you to put a plan in place for transitioning your loved one back to home life.

To schedule your in-home care consultation, contact us today.

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