Why Should I Hire A Health Care Agency To Provide Homemaker Services?

Why Should I Hire A Health Care Agency To Provide Homemaker Services?


Homemaker services can really improve the lives of seniors. Sometimes homemaker services simply make the lives of seniors more convenient. In other cases, they make seniors’ lives safer and more enjoyable.

What is the value of homemaker services? Are they just a nice little bonus to have or is there a value beyond convenience?

First, let us try to establish the value of homemaker services. Many young able-bodied people hire maid and home cleaning services. Sometimes people do this ahead of special occasions, such as hosting parties, family get togethers, and the like. Sometimes they pay for these services as part of their everyday lives. It’s convenient and it makes life easier. And the same is true for seniors. But there’s more to it than that.

With age comes wisdom. But what also comes with age is back pain, a lack of energy, sore joints, reduced mobility, and occasionally serious health conditions. For young, able-bodied people, vacuuming the living room carpet and cleaning kitchen appliances are annoying chores we must do regularly. For many seniors, these are painful tasks worthy of dread. The same can be true of errands such as grocery shopping. Trying to carry a load of groceries in the house can be exhausting and even dangerous for some seniors. The same as true for carrying baskets of laundry up and down stairs. For seniors, homemaker services aren’t just a little added benefit. They can be life savers.

Homemaker services are often crucially important to the wellbeing of seniors. But why hire a health care agency to provide homemaker services?

If you need homemaker services, why not simply contact a maid services company? Well, for starters, maid companies and home cleaning services don’t offer all the services that a health care agency does. Especially not a health care agency that specializes in helping seniors. A home cleaning company won’t drive seniors to and from doctor’s appointments. A maid services company won’t pick up your groceries for you.

Secondly, the kind of homemaker services that seniors need are often different. A health care agency can help you and your elderly loved one decide which services will be beneficial to them. Not everybody can think of every service they want or need until they have to do a certain chore. A home cleaning company can make your home neat and tidy. A health care agency can make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Obviously, health care agencies do way more than just provide homemaker services. Homemaker services are often just the first type of care that many seniors need.

As we age, household chores and errands tend to become more difficult. As we age further, self-care tends to become more difficult. The Activities of Daily Living is a term that we at Executive Home Care use to describe the tasks we all do to take care of ourselves every day. These include showering, using the toilet, brushing our teeth, cooking and eating, and more. By arranging for homemaker services for your elderly loved one, you lay the groundwork for an easier transition to personal care if and when it becomes necessary.

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