What to Do if Your Elderly Loved One Can’t Manage Their Home Anymore

What to Do if Your Elderly Loved One Can't Manage Their Home Anymore

If your parents are seniors, you probably live in fear. At least a tiny bit; let’s not be overly dramatic. But who among us cannot see say we secretly dread receiving a phone call from a hospital saying our eldelrly loved one has had a fall? Who can say that we don’t fixate on every time our eldelry loved one complains about back pain? But sometimes, we’re not looking for the right signs.

The Perils Of Age

WIth wisdom comes wrinkles. But wrinkles are just superficial. It’s the mobility issues, weakened immune systems, and the neurodegenerative diseases we really fear, either for ourselves or our eldelry loved ones. These are the things we most often think of when we see our parents struggle or a symptom of some illness (or what we perceive to be a symptom). But the truth is, many seniors are healthy; they’re just old. And with age, we tend to slow down, lose some energy, and lose some strength. These are pretty much universal symptoms of aging; far more common than any specific health condition. This means that, for many seniors, the ability to manage their homes leaves them long before the ability to take care of themselves. And this is what we should keep an eye out for with regards to our elderly loved ones.

Household Chores

Household chores are a pain in the neck whether you’re eight, forty-eight, or eighty-eight. But when you’re eighty-eight, they can be painful and even dangerous. Going down the basement stairs might have frightened you as an eight-year-old, but there was nothing to be afraid of then. When you’re eighty-eight and carrying a heavy basket of laundry, there is a legitimate fear there. A fear you could fall and suffer a grievous injury. Seniors can slip while mopping the kitchen floor or they just might be too tired to do the dusting and vacuuming every week. And many seniors have poor eyesight, which makes driving to get groceries very dangerous indeed. What can do you do then?

Elderly Home Care Services

The first instinct many of us have is to just do the home care tasks our parents need ourselves. After about a month of that, you’ll discover why that was a bad idea. Even if you live in the same city, can you really add the household chores of another house on top of your own, as well as your job, and social and familial obligations? Probably not. That’s why elderly home care services are usually the right choice.

Elderly home care services involves a caregiver coming by to take care of your elderly loved one’s home. We’re familiar with home care in terms of personal care, where caregivers help seniors brush their teeth, make and eat their meals, and use the bathroom. But caregivers can also take care of the homes of seniors. Elderly home care services mean that seniors don’t have to leave their homes and move into a senior care community just because caring for their homes has become tricky. Elderly home care services also open the door for personal care or Why Companion Care is More Important than You Think if and when they become necessary.

Executive Home Care

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