Who Can Benefit from In-Home Companionship?


We human beings are a sociable species. We need social interaction to lead fulfilled and healthy lives. Even those of us who self-identify as introverts or even loners still need some human interaction. And seniors are no different. Unfortunately, far too many seniors feel isolated and alone in this world. Why does this happen and what can we do about it?

Isolation and Loneliness

We all have our social support systems in this world. We have family we can rely on, friends with whom we can discuss our problems, coworkers who know what our lives are like and will give us a kind word, and even neighbors with whom we can exchange pleasantries or even just a warm smile. We often underestimate how important these people are in our lives because, while we don’t think of them in these terms, the fact is that these people remind us that we’re not alone in this world. And that can be hugely important, especially when times are tough.

What’s really unfortunate, however, is that as we age, all these people tend to fade away from our lives. By the time we become seniors, most of us won’t have co-workers with whom to interact everyday anymore. Many of our neighbors may have moved away or passed away, and the same is true for our friends and even our family. The situation can be really bad when a senior lives alone, especially if that is a result of their spouse or partner having passed away. Although, it’s important to keep in mind that seniors who live as couples can both become isolated from the outside world together.

We would all love to be there for our senior parents and loved ones as much as they need us, but that’s rarely practical. For one, many of us live in different cities from our parents. But even when we do live in the same area, finding enough time to spend with them can be very difficult given all of our other obligations in life. What’s more, many seniors won’t tell anybody when they’re struggling, especially if they’ve experiencing emotional or mental health issues. They then tend to withdraw from society, lose touch with the outside world, and become depressed. And depression is a very serious mental health condition; one which can lead to serious physical health conditions because of a lack of eating, bathing, or sleeping. What can be done?

In-Home Companionship

In-home companionship is an in-home senior care service that is designed to prevent all this from happening and to alleviate the symptoms of loneliness. Seniors who are otherwise physically healthy can benefit greatly from in-home companionship. Even if we can’t be there for our elderly family and friends, we can make sure they’re not alone in this world by arranging in-home companionship.  , sees a qualified caregiver visit a senior in their own home.

In-home companionship might consist of helping seniors to keep in touch with family and friends, playing card games, and just conversing and reminiscing. In-home companion caregivers can spot potential problems, both mental and physical, as they develop.

And in-home companionship services allow for an easier transition to more intensive personal care if and when it becomes necessary.

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