How You Can Help Your Senior Parents

How You Can Help Your Senior Parents

It’s natural to approach our senior years with a certain degree of trepidation. But it’s also very common for people to approach their parents’ senior years with trepidation. For the first time in our lives we might find ourselves needing to help and take care of them instead of them taking care of us. And, of course, we don’t want to screw it up! So, how can you best help your senior parents?

Talk to them

This one sounds obvious, but it’s remarkable how often we fail at this. Always make sure to communicate with your elderly parents. And always listen. When you were a child, your parents had to take care of you not only because you weren’t physically capable, but because you were not yet emotionally or mentally equipped to do so, either.

Some seniors have conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease that can make it very difficult to communicate in a meaningful way with them. In such cases, your parent may not be able to mentally or emotionally understand their situation. But for many seniors, they are still entirely mentally coherent, even if they’re slowing down a little or have physical issues. So talk to them. Listen to their concerns and tell them yours, as well.

Don’t try to be everything to them

You’re your parents’ child. You’re not their personal care worker. You’re not their housekeeper. You’re not their chauffeur. Of course you should be there to help them whenever you can. But don’t neglect your own life and your own responsibilities for them. That will just burn you out. And your parents won’t want to burden you like that, anyway.

Personal care service

And that’s why you should consider investing in personal care service. With personal care service, you can rest assured that your parents are getting exactly the type, quality, and level of care and supervision they require to be happy and healthy.  You can’t be running all over town helping your parents with grocery shopping and getting to and from appointments. Nor can you be there for them all the time if they need supervision. And you’re probably not a trained and skilled care worker anyway. So why not hire one?

A variety of personal care services

Personal care service is, as the term suggests, personal. You can customize the type of care provided to fit exactly the needs of your parents. Do they only need a little help taking care of their home and running errands? Personal care service can cover that. Do they need assistance taking care of themselves, such as with meal preparation, getting into and out of a wheelchair, or using the bathroom? Personal care service can cover that.

Do you live in a different city and worry about them becoming lonely or depressed. Personal care service can focus on their mental and emotional health. You can even hire a live-in care worker to administer care and supervision whenever needed, around the clock. With personal care service you can get exactly the specific type of help that your parents need and you can get it administered to them in their very own homes.

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