What is Supplemental Healthcare Staffing?

What is "Supplemental Healthcare Staffing"?

Providing healthcare is not a simple matter even in the calmest of times. When specializing in providing care for seniors, the waters can be even murkier and more tempestuous. If you manage a senior care facility, it is very difficult to know how much staff you need at any given moment. You can never accurately predict when your residents will develop conditions, suffer injuries, or otherwise need higher levels of care. If you live in a senior care facility, or are the loved one of such a senior, it can be difficult to get all the care you need even when living in well-run and reputable facilities. What can you do about all of this? You can look into supplemental healthcare staffing.

Supplemental Healthcare Staffing For Medical Facilities

Managing any business is not easy and can be hectic at the best of times. Managing a medical facility can make other high-stress jobs seem like a walk in the park. It’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for certain. But by knowing your limitations and the inherent pitfalls of your industry you can anticipate problems and be proactive about them. You know you can’t rely on having the exact right amount of staff all of the time. It’s just not practical to assume that you can. That’s why supplemental healthcare staffing is often necessary.

You can rely on Executive Home Care to provide all the extra staff you need when one or more of the residents or patients at your facility needs an increased amount of care. We can provide trained and qualified caregivers and nurses to medical facilities when they experience staffing shortages and find themselves unable to provide all the care that their patients need. We guarantee that all of our caregivers are screened, tested, and experienced.

Supplemental healthcare staffing services provide the following benefits to medical facilities:

  • Reduces overhead costs by minimizing the number of full-time, long term staff your facility requires
  • Reduces payroll and insurance costs
  • Reduces personnel hiring and retaining costs
  • Shifts the burden of interviewing, hiring, screening, training and termination of employees to us

But what types of medical facilities can benefit from supplemental healthcare staffing? Well, pretty much any facility. Executive Home Care can provide supplemental healthcare staffing services to facilities such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Independent Living Facilities
  • Physicians Specialty Centers
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Emergency Clinics

Supplemental Healthcare Staffing For Individual Clients

Sometimes families like to take the initiative themselves when they think that their elderly loved one is not getting all of the care that they need provided by the staff at whichever facility or community in which they live. Sometimes seniors live in facilities such as retirement or independent living communities that don’t offer any personal care services to the residents. Such seniors might develop a condition that means that they do require personal care. Executive Home Care can provide the necessary caregiver(s) to ensure that your elderly loved one gets the care that they need without having to move. The same is true for seniors who are not getting all the care they need in assisted living communities or nursing homes,

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