What is In-Home Skilled Care?

What is "In-Home Skilled Care"?

Care for seniors has changed a lot over the past for decades. In 2019 you can get a whole lot of care services in your own home which used to only be available in senior care facilities, such as nursing homes. But is there a limit on the number or the kinds of care services one can receive in-home? For example, can seniors receive skilled care in their own homes?

In-Home Skilled Care

 First off, what exactly is “in-home skilled care”? In-home skilled care is care for seniors that is administered in their own private homes not by a caregiver, as is typical, but by a registered nurse. This is why we call it “in-home skilled care”, because the care services involved require the skills that registered nurses have learned from completing their nursing degree and through experience. Caregivers are great in all that they can do, but sometimes you need in-home skilled care.

Services Covered By In-Home Skilled Care

 Some of the services that registered nurses can perform for seniors with in-home skilled care include:

  • Assessments & Consultations
  • Medication Management
  • Simple Wound Care
  • Fall Prevention/Home Safety
  • Diabetes Care & Teaching
  • Colostomy Care
  • Feeding Tube Care
  • Bladder Catheterization
  • And More

Please note that not all in-home skilled care services might be available in all fifty states. Please talk with us to find out if the in-home skilled care service that you require is available in your area.

In-Home Skilled Care from Executive Home Care

 At Executive Home Care, we are all about making seniors’ retirement years as convenient as possible. Seniors require care at rates higher than any other demographic. Struggling to take care of yourself or your home can be a real drag, but it doesn’t have to upend your whole life. A lot of seniors don’t want to move out of their homes and into senior care facilities. And many seniors don’t want to or can’t spend the money required to live in such facilities. That’s why Executive Home Care’s senior care services are so popular with seniors and their families all over the country.

At Executive Home Care, we offer seniors a wide variety of in-home care services, including personal care, companion care, and homemaking services. But we thought, why stop there? What more can we do? That’s why we also offer in-home skilled care. It can be difficult to schedule appointments with registered nurses and getting to and from clinics to see them can be really impractical for a lot of seniors. That’s why in-home skilled care can be so beneficial to so many seniors. Having to meet with a registered nurse is never a fun time, any way. So why make it any more annoying and inconvenient than it has to be?

Get In Touch

In-home skilled care is just one of a plethora of care services that we offer at Executive Home Care. To schedule an in-home skilled care appointment for you or an elderly loved one, or to learn more about in-home skilled care or any of our other services, please contact Executive Home Care today.


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