Is It Easy to Get Home Nursing Services?

Nursing Services

As we have detailed in other blogs and elsewhere on our site, Executive Home Care offers a vast array of in home health care services for you or your elderly loved ones. Everything from homemaker services, skilled in home care, and even live-in care are available to our customers. But what about when it comes to skilled nursing services? If you or your elder family member require to meet with a Registered Nurse is that something that can be done in-home?

Home nursing services

Yes, actually, it is. At Executive Home Care, we can arrange for a Registered Nurse to visit you or your parent (or grandparent or whomever) right in your or their very own home. Executive Home Care is all about making sure people are comfortable and content in their very own homes. We don’t think a senior should have to sell their beloved home of years or even decades and move into a nursing home simply because life become more difficult with age. Nor do we think that a trip to a hospital or doctor’s office is necessarily required every time you need to see a nurse. Home nursing services are the epitome of delivering expert, highly qualified, skilled care right in the comfortable environs of your own home.

Some of our home health care services

When you or your elderly family member needs assistance from a Registered Nurse to evaluate care or to give advice, Executive Home Care can deliver exactly what you need as part of our in home skilled care services. Our goal is to provide in home care and assistance in helping you or your elderly family member recover from hospitalization, to avoid the worsening of a current condition, or to help them step back into their life get them back to normalcy.

As provided by Registered Nurses in our clients’ homes, these home health care services include:

  • Assessments & Consultations
  • Medication Management
  • Simple Wound Care
  • Fall Prevention/Home Safety
  • Diabetes Care & Teaching
  • Colostomy Care
  • Feeding Tube Care
  • Bladder Catheterization
  • And Others

Skilled Care services may not be available in all states. Please talk with us to find out.

Best of both worlds

Part of what can make some conditions and issues so much worse or so much more of a hassle is having to go to and from hospitals and doctors’ offices. Not to mention having to wait around for what can feel like interminable lengths of time. With home nursing services, you do not need to worry about any of this. You get all the expertise and skilled care from a Registered Nurse, but you do not have to leave your home. When convenience meets with expert and skilled care, you get Executive Care. We’re all about trying to make your life as enjoyable and comfortable as possible through even the most difficult of times.

Contact us

If you’d like to learn more about our home nursing services, or any of our other home health care services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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