What Care Services Can I Get In-Home?

In-Home Care

Nursing homes and retirement facilities are never ideal. The care workers there are often considerate, hardworking, and friendly; and these institutions might be set up with the best intentions and may be very well run, well organized, and well funded. But even in these best case scenarios, they are still not ideal. Because they still require that seniors leave their homes. Their homes where they have been for years, sometimes even decades, and where they are comfortable and happy. Wouldn’t it be great if seniors could get the care they need without having to uproot themselves and leave their homes behind?

Well, they can! The truth is that home care services have expanded greatly in recent years. The list of care services you can now get in-home is vast and varied. So before you start looking at brochures and websites for nursing homes and retirement facilities, check to see if you can get the care services you or your loved one needs right in the comfort of home.

Home care services

Home care services have provided the new paradigm for elder care. The advantages of staying in your own home are pretty clear. But just what kind of care can you get in-home? Can home care services cover everything you need?

Well, let’s start with the basics. First, we have homemaker services. Obviously, this will be offered in-home, because, well, that’s the whole point. Many families begin to contemplate retirement homes and the like when the elders begin to have difficulty taking care of their own homes. If they can’t take care of their homes, the logic goes, they should move to a place where they don’t have to and somebody else will do it for them. But this is often too drastic.

Why not just hire somebody to help take care of things. Things like errands, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and cleaning. Just because these chores become difficult for your elderly loved ones doesn’t mean they should have to leave their homes. Similarly, one of the principal problems facing many seniors is isolation. Getting a care worker just to spend some time and interact with seniors can help stave off feelings of loneliness and solitude. And both homemaker services and companion care open the door for further, more involved types of home care services if and when they become necessary.

More involved home care services

But what about seniors who require more and more complicated types of care? Can these services be provided in-home as well? The answer is yes. Care workers can provide personal care when needed. They can come in and help with getting in and out of bed or wheelchairs, emptying colostomy and ostomy bags, and leading prescribed exercise routines.

But that’s not all. For seniors who require around-the-clock care, these services can also be provided in-home. Live-in care is becoming increasingly popular. You can hire a responsible, friendly, and respectful care worker to come and live in the home with you or your elderly loved one. And you can arrange to have registered nurses make house calls for some purposes.

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