What Are My In-Home Personal Care Options?

What Are my In-Home Personal Care Options?

Personal care for seniors is more in-demand now than it is has ever been. The reason for this is simple: people are living longer than ever before. As such, there are more seniors living than ever before and seniors require more personal care than any other demographic. Although, it should be noted, there are many younger people living with disabilities who also require personal care. As the large Baby Boomer generation continues to age into their senior years, the demand for personal care will only grow. But where can you get personal care for seniors? In your own home? And how much personal care can you get in-home?

Personal Care for Seniors

You don’t have to go back too far in time to find when personal care for seniors was available almost exclusively in senior care facilities. Facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living communities were pretty much places where you had to move to if you were a senior in need of personal care. In-home personal care for seniors was limited in its availability and high cost. But now the cost of in-home personal care for seniors has come down considerably; so much so that it is now usually cheaper than moving into a senior care facility. Furthermore, many seniors don’t want to leave their homes to receive personal care. But can they get all the personal care they would in a senior care facility within their own private home?

In-Home Personal Care for Seniors

Thanks to Executive Home Care’s extended list of in-home personal care services for seniors, there’s almost nothing a senior care facility can do for you that in-home personal care cannot. It’s all a question of what you need and when you need it. That’s another great thing about in-home personal care for seniors: you get all the services you need and only the services you need. It’s an inherently personal and customizable service.

In-Home Personal Care Services

Some of the many services that seniors can receive as part of an in-home personal care package include:

  • Companionship Service and Homemaking Service
  • Assisting with eating, bathing, using bath equipment, dental/denture care, grooming, and hair care
  • Assisting with bowel regularity, self-administered medications, basic skin care, and nail maintenance
  • Emptying or changing external urinary collecting devices, including catheter bags
  • Providing colostomy care and emptying ostomy bag
  • Assistance with urinals, bedpans and/or commodes
  • Providing bowel and bladder incontinence care
  • Encouraging to perform normal body movements and to follow prescribed exercise programs
  • Assisting with positioning in bed, wheelchair and other chairs
  • Assisting with transferring to/from bed, wheelchair, toilet, and chair

Please keep in mind, however, that not all in-home personal care services are available to seniors in all fifty states. Please contact Executive Home Care to find out if the in-home personal care services in which you are interested in receiving are available in your area.

Get in Touch

Personal care is all about assisting seniors with the tasks of daily living, whether that’s getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, or eating your meals. But Executive Home Care also offers help with managing your home (homemaker services) and companionship services to ward off the ill-effects of isolation and loneliness. To learn more about in-home personal care for seniors, please contact Executive Home Care today.


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