What a Home Care Company Can Do For You

What a Home Care Company Can Do For You


Home care companies have revolutionized the senior care industry in recent years. Home care companies have turned the whole paradigm of senior care on its head. But how have home care companies done that and what can they do for you? To find out this answer and more, please read on.

Home Care Companies

Home care companies provide care mostly for seniors. (Not only for seniors, but more on that later). Seniors require care and assistance at higher rates than other demographics. It’s just part of aging. We slow down, both physically and, eventually, mentally, and we become more prone to illnesses. So what can we do? Well, not too long ago, the answer to that would have almost invariably been to move into a senior care facility.

Senior care facilities come in different varieties. There are independent living communities, assisted living communities, and nursing homes. All cater to different types of seniors and all have their benefits and many of the residents of these communities are perfectly happy. But they’re not for everybody. Many seniors would rather refuse care than to leave their beloved homes and move into a senior care facility. But why?

Why Many Seniors Prefer Home Care

Think about it: do you like to ask for help? Probably not. Now consider asking for help with something you used to be able to do –like brush your teeth– but that you now struggle to do. It’s not a good feeling. And now your family is suggesting that you have to move out of your home and into a strange new place with other seniors because of your difficulty brushing your teeth? That’s not a fun scenario, yet it’s one in which many seniors find themselves. But, receiving the care you need while still being able to live in your beloved, comfortable home? That’s not such a bad prospect.

Home care companies can provide all the care seniors might receive in an assisted living facility but right in their own, private homes. A caregiver can come by as often as needed and assist seniors with whatever they need. And it’s not just seniors who can benefit from the services of a home care company. Many younger people who live with disabilities, both physical and mental, can have their lives improved by a home care company.

Home Care Company Services

Most home care companies break down their services into three main categories: companion care, homemaker services, and personal care. Companion care focuses on improving and maintaining the mental and emotional wellbeing of seniors. Homemaker services help clients take care of their homes. Personal care helps clients perform the activities of daily living, such as bathing, grooming, toileting, and more.

The best home care companies offer additional services. These might include skilled care, in which a registered nurse can visit clients in their homes. Specialized care means that a senior with a specific condition –ALS, Alzheimer’s, MS, etc.– can work with a caregiver who is especially experienced in helping clients with that condition. And some home care companies even offer live-in care in which a caregiver is placed in the private home of the client to provide around-the-clock care.

Executive Home Care

To learn more about home care companies, and about Executive Home Care specifically, please contact us.

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