How Can Home Care Companies Help Seniors?

How Can Home Care Companies Help Seniors?

Most of us are familiar with senior care facilities and the work people do there. As we age, we expect to face more and more health challenges. As such, seniors require care to manage their health at higher rates than do younger people. And so, many seniors live in senior care facilities, such as nursing homes or assisted living communities. But there are also home care companies that provide senior care to their clients in their clients’ homes. How do these home care companies stack up against senior care facilities? Can they help seniors in as many ways?

Home care companies

Home care companies have revolutionized how seniors –and younger people who live with disabilities— receive care. It wasn’t too long ago that almost anybody who needed care had to move into a care facility of some kind. But thanks to home care companies, home care has now become much more widely available and accessible than it was just a couple decades ago. In what ways can home care companies help seniors?

Personal care services

Personal care is designed to help seniors with the Activities of Daily Living. These are the activities we all do every day to look after ourselves, e.g. bathing, grooming, getting dressed, eating, etc. Some seniors need help to accomplish these tasks and so home care companies offer in-home personal care services.

Homemaking services

Home care companies also offer homemaking services. A big part of care for a lot of seniors is helping them to manage their homes. If a senior can manage their own care well enough, but struggles to complete what are, for them, arduous and exhausting household chores, why should they be compelled to leave their homes and move into a senior care facility? Thanks to home care companies, they don’t have to.

Companionship service

Seniors’ mental health is just as important as their physical health. Indeed, mental health conditions, such as depression, can have a seriously deleterious effect on their physical health, by causing seniors to stop eating, for example. Many seniors live in isolation and this loneliness can be very dangerous. Home care companies offer companionship services to improve and maintain the mental and emotional health of seniors.

Specialized care

Conditions like ALS, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia, and recovering from strokes or other injuries can mean that seniors need a special form of care. The best home care companies understand this and offer specialized care to help such seniors. Specialized care is provided by caregivers who are experienced and especially skilled at helping seniors with that specific condition.

Live-in care

Some seniors require around-the-clock supervision to live safely and healthily. Surely, such seniors need to move into a nursing home, right? How can a home care company help these seniors? Simple: with live-in care. Live-in care involves a caregiver living in the home of the client and providing care as needed.

Skilled care

Some seniors need the services of a registered nurse. Home care companies can help even with this by arranging for nurses to provide certain services in-home.

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