9 Senior Care Services You Can Receive In-Home

9 Senior Care Services You Can Receive In-Home

Home health care providers can provide care to seniors in their own homes. But just what kind of care services can home health care providers provide? Can seniors really get all the care they need in their own homes? Here is a list of nine senior care services clients can receive from a home health care provider.

1. Help With The Activities Of Daily Living

Executive Home Care is one of the leading home health care providers in the country and we use the term: “the Activities of Daily Living”. By this we mean the seemingly simple tasks that we all do every day to take care of ourselves. This includes oral care, brushing our hair, bathing, preparing and eating food, and so on. These tasks may be simple, but many seniors struggle with them or just forget to do them. Home health care providers can help seniors with these activities.

2. Personal Care

The above services fall under the umbrella of personal care. Personal care services are provided to seniors who need help taking care of themselves. Whether that means help using the toilet, help with colostomy or osotmy bags, help bathing, or being reminded to take medication, home health care providers can provide that help.

3. Services Focussed On Improving Mental Health

Some seniors are in good physical health but their mental health is troubled. A poor memory, for example, can be a symptom of dementia or neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s. Or it could just be a factor of aging. Either way, home health care providers can send a caregiver over to talk with seniors, reminisce with them about past events, and play card games to help keep them sharp.

4. Services Focussed On Improving Emotional Health

Home health care providers can help with a senior’s mental and emotional health by providing companionship services. Many seniors live in isolation and become lonely and even clinically depressed. This can be very dangerous. By having a caregiver to talk to, who can help them with correspondence, and encourage them to go outside can really help a senior’s emotional wellbeing.

5. Help With Household Chores

Many seniors can take care of themselves but not their homes. This is a problem. Home health care companies can provide caregivers to dust, vacuum, and clean for them. These are called homemaking services.

6. Help Running Errands

Homemaking services do not just stay in the home. Caregivers can also run errands for seniors or help them run errands. These include grocery shopping and accompanying them to appointments.

7. Specialized Care

If a senior has a condition such as Parkinson’s, MS, is recovering from a stroke, or something similar, they might need a caregiver who is especially adept at helping clients with that condition. Home health care providers can provide such a caregiver.

8. Skilled Care

For some services home health care providers can even send a registered nurse around to see clients in their homes.

9. Live-in Care

Even 24-7 care is not beyond what home health care providers can do. With live-in care, seniors who have a suitable room to spare can have a qualified caregiver live with them to provide care whenever required.

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