Is Live-In Senior Care Right For You?

Is Live-In Senior Care Right For You?

Live-in senior care is the most complete form of in-home senior care is available. Is it the best option for you or your elderly loved one? This article will help you decide if live-in senior care is right for you.

What Is Live-In Senior Care?

If you’re not familiar with the term “live-in senior care”, it’s probably just what you imagine it to be. Many seniors prefer to live in their own private homes; senior living communities do not appeal to them. However, some seniors’ needs go beyond what daily, over even twice or thrice-daily, visits from caregivers can provide. For such seniors, the only way to remain living safely and healthily in their own homes is with live-in senior care.

Live-in senior care involves a caregiver living in a senior’s home with them. This way, they can provide hours of uninterrupted care and will be on hand for any emergency situation. They can help seniors start their day, end their day, and with all things in between. Some seniors require live-in senior care indefinitely while others receive it for a period of time, usually while they recover from an injury, surgery, or illness.

Who Are Live-In Senior Caregivers?

If you’re going to have somebody living in your home, you need to trust them. It can be scary inviting somebody you have met maybe only once or twice to live with you. That’s why you should only work with a trusted healthcare agency. At Executive Home Care, all our caregivers must pass an intensive pre-employment screening process to work as one of our caregivers. This includes a criminal background check as well as a verification of references and employment history. All our caregivers are employees, and they are subject to all state and federal health requirements. They are also bonded and insured, are closely supervised, skills tested, and they undergo continuing education and training. All this is to say, we only suggest the most trustworthy and competent caregivers to provide live-in care.

What You Need For Live-In Care.

Live-in caregivers need their own room, space, and privacy. Live-in care cannot work in a bachelor apartment, for example. They also need a proper work schedule with clearly delineated time off. Most families arrange for family members to look after elderly loved ones for those times when live-in caregivers are off the clock. Because it is the most extensive form of in-home senior care, live-in care is the most expensive form of in-home care. However, live-in care is still often comparable to, if not cheaper than, moving into a senior living community.

Executive Home Care

Does live-in senior care seem the right fit for you? Still not sure? Please contact us to learn more.


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