How Home Health Services Can Help South Richmond Families Around The Holidays

How Home Health Services Can Help South Richmond Families Around The Holidays

Executive Home Care of Richmond provides home health services that benefit elderly Virginians and their families year-round. But we can really help around the holidays.

Home Health Services Improve People’s Lives In Richmond In A Number Of Ways.

The caregivers of Executive Home Care of Richmond help our clients in a number of diverse ways. A big part of what caregivers do is to provide personal care. Personal care services help seniors complete the activities of daily living. These are things that we all have to do every day to take care of ourselves. These include grooming, basic nail care, using the toilet, showering or bathing, and moving around. Caregivers help with all these tasks and more.

Companionship Care Can Alleviate Winter Gloom.

Personal care is great, but it’s not something people really choose to receive. If an elderly person needs help taking care of themselves, they need that care regardless of the occasion. There are some home health services that are more in-demand around the holiday season, though.

One example is companionship services. This type of care helps seniors improve and maintain their mental health and emotional wellbeing. The holidays are often difficult for a lot of people, especially for elderly people who cannot be with their family or friends for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or New Year’s. And it’s likely many will be alone because of Covid-19 making travel less practical and more dangerous. Companion caregivers spend time with seniors and these services can be greatly beneficial during this time. They talk with seniors, play card and board games with them, and help them call or video chat with loved ones.

Homemaking Services Can Alleviate A lot Of Holiday Stress.

Homemaking services help seniors manage their Richmond homes. Household chores like mopping floors and vacuuming carpets are frequently tiring and even painful for seniors, so having a caregiver take care of these chores can make life a lot easier. Caregivers can also run errands, such as grocery shopping and picking up medication.

During the holidays, many elderly Virginians and their families choose to receive or add additional homemaking services. If you’re hosting a Christmas or New Year’s Eve event, and you’re a senior, having a homemaker caregiver visit a couple times to help you prepare and clean up can be a great benefit.

Executive Home Care Of Richmond

At Executive Home Care of Richmond, we offer all these home health services and more. We can even arrange for transportation to holiday get-togethers with Lyft. To learn more about our home health services, please get in touch with us via our website, or by calling us at (804) 419 6900

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