How Can Home Companions Boost The Health Of The Elderly?

How Can Home Companions Boost The Health Of The Elderly?

Home companionship for the elderly is not a brand-new concept, but it’s not exactly the most traditional form of elder care. Many people still struggle to see the benefits of home companionship. So, how can home companions boost the health of the elderly?

Home Companions Ward Off The Negative Effects Of Living In Isolation.

“Isolation” is a word we’ve all heard a lot over the past year. More than we can care for, most likely. But isolation is nothing new for many seniors. Over the course our lives, we tend to move around a lot. After a senior retires, they can find themselves living in a city where no family and no friends reside. Once you stop seeing coworkers every day, you’re pretty much alone. This isolation can breed loneliness which can breed depression, and that’s a serious problem. Isolation really affects seniors who live alone but even couples can become isolated from the outside world together.

Home Companions Are A Good Alternative To Senior Living Communities.

Many seniors enjoy senior living communities because they’re just that: communities. These communities can provide rich social lives to seniors and relieve their loneliness. But these communities aren’t right for every senior. Some seniors simply don’t want to live there. They like having their own space and they like living in their own homes. Many seniors have sentimental attachments to their home and they view moving out of their home and into a community as the beginning of the end. Furthermore, senior living communities are expensive. Home companion care is significantly cheaper.

How Does Home Companion Care Work?

Home companion caregivers visit seniors in their own homes. They can visit once a week or as often as every day. What they do is simple, but they can offer huge benefits to the mental health and emotional wellbeing of seniors. First, they talk to seniors. About anything. These can be serious talks about what the senior is facing and struggling with. Many seniors are reticent to discuss their troubles with family or friends, but they feel more comfortable opening up to a companion caregiver.

But these talks can also be lighthearted discussions about the weather, sports, or it can be reminiscing about the old days when seniors can talk about their lives and their history. They can also have fun playing card games or board games with seniors. Overall, they encourage seniors to keep in touch with the outside world whether that’s by accompanying them to social functions or encouraging them to keep up with correspondence.

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