Are Personal Care Services for All Seniors?

Are Personal Care Services for All Seniors?

Personal care services have helped countless seniors live healthier and happier lives all over America. But are personal care services right kind of care for every senior? Could personal care services help more seniors if only more seniors knew about all their personal care service options? Are personal care services for all seniors?

Senior personal care services

When we first think of senior personal care services and the seniors that they serve we tend to think of seniors who need high levels of care. These are seniors who need help with the Activities of Daily Living. These are the things that we all do every day to look after ourselves. Such activities include bathing and grooming, going to the bathroom, getting in and out of bed, eating, and so on. Seniors who cannot accomplish these tasks on their own are clearly in need of senior personal care services.

Where to get senior personal care services

It was not too long ago that almost all seniors who needed senior personal care services had to move into a senior care facility, such as a nursing home or perhaps an assisted living community. This is incredibly harsh because many seniors don’t want to move out of their homes. Even senior care facilities that are in great shape and are well-run are often less appealing to seniors than remaining in their own private homes. Furthermore, many seniors and their families cannot afford senior care communities. In-home senior personal care services are usually more affordable than moving into a senior care facility and paying the fees and rents associated with such facilities.

What about seniors who need a high level of care?

What about those seniors whose needs are quite significant? Can in-home senior personal care services really provide them all the care that they need to live safely and healthily in their own homes? The answer is, usually, yes. You can arrange for as much personal care as you need. This even extends to 24-7 supervision, which you can achieve by arranging for live-in care. This sees a caregiver actually live in the home of the client to provide care whenever needed.

What about seniors who have conditions that can complicate the care that they receive? There are a variety of conditions that can make it so that seniors need specialized care. Such conditions include Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke recovery, and more. Such seniors can receive in-home care from a caregiver who is experienced and especially skilled at helping seniors with that specific condition. With skilled care, seniors can even receive the services of registered nurses right in their own homes, too.

Other senior care services

Not every senior who can benefit from care needs personal care. There are other types of senior care services that can benefit many other seniors who have different needs and different concerns. For example, many seniors can look after themselves all right and can manage the Activities of Daily Living, but managing their homes is a struggle. For such seniors there are homemaking services. Other seniors are physically fine but are lonely or live in isolation and this can risk their mental health. For such seniors there are companionship services.

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