When (and Why) You Should Consider Live-in Care Services

Live-in Care Services

Many seniors can live full, enriching lives with only a modicum of care and supervision. Some seniors don’t need any professional care at all. But there are also a lot of seniors who have a condition that requires a lot of care. There are also people who live with disabilities who require a lot of care. In some cases, around the clock care and supervision are required. What options do these people have? Must they move into an assisted living facility or have they another option?

Assisted living facilities

Assisted living facilities are places where people, mostly seniors (but not entirely) can live and receive the care and supervision they need to be healthy and safe. Some of these facilities offer a great deal of independence and others offer more intense care. Many of them are great and very well run; some of them aren’t.

But even the best assisted living facility still requires its residents to leave where they already live in order to move into the facility and get care. And a lot of people don’t want to leave their homes. If you’ve just realized or been told that you require around the clock care, that’s a lot to deal with. Do you really want to add moving out on top of that? Especially for seniors who may have spent decades in their beloved homes by now? No, of course not. But what’s the other option?

Live-in care service

The other option is live-in care service. Live-in care service sees a trusted, trained, fully qualified care provider move into the home of a client who requires around the clock care and supervision. With live-in care service, a care provider is always available for getting into and out of bed, to prepare early or late meals, and is there should an emergency situation arise in the middle of the night.

But isn’t live-in care service really expensive?

Live-in care service sounds great, but you might well be thinking it must be really expensive. Of course, live-in care service is more expensive than other types of home care services that only require a care worker to visit the client periodically throughout the week. After all, you now have a care worker essentially on retainer 24 hours a day. However, when compared with most assisted living facilities and nursing homes, hiring a live-in care worker is actually significantly less expensive.

Think about it: with live-in care service, you have to pay the wages of one care worker, albeit for many, many hours. But you don’t have to rent a room or unit as you would in an assisted living facility. Nor would you have to pay to cover the overhead for a whole host of other care workers, nurses, and equipment. Given all that, for many seniors and people with disabilities who require a great amount of care and supervision, hiring a live-in care worker is not only the best decision for their emotional and mental well being but also the best decision for their finances, as well.

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