8 Ways In-Home Personal Care Can Help

8 Ways In-Home Personal Care Can Help

In-home personal care can help seniors and their families in a variety of different ways. Can in-home personal care help you? Here are eight ways in-home personal care helps seniors and younger people living with disabilities.

1. In-Home Personal Care Helps Seniors Get Around.

Many seniors face mobility issues. Whether they use wheelchairs, canes, or simply walk slowly, mobility is challenging for many seniors. Caregivers can visit seniors in the morning and at night to help get in and out of bed. They can also help them get in and out of wheelchairs, navigate stairs, and go outside for walks.

2. In-Home Personal Care Helps Seniors In The Bathroom.

Bathrooms can be tricky and even dangerous places for seniors. When it comes to the bathroom, in-home personal care can be as simple as reminding seniors to brush their teeth or take care of their dentures or it can be as involved as helping seniors with catheters, colostomy bags, and general toileting. In-home personal care can also cover help with showering, bathing, combing hair, shaving, and other bathroom tasks.

3. In-Home Personal Care Helps Seniors Maintain Good Health.

From reminding seniors to eat, helping them eat, encouraging them to perform suggested exercises, or simply going for walks with them, personal care helps seniors improve and maintain their health.

4. In-Home Personal Care Helps Seniors Stay In Their Own Homes.

Many of these same services are offered in senior living facilities, such as assisted living communities and nursing homes. Many seniors are happy in these communities and get the care they need. But many others don’t want to live there; they’re much happier in their own private homes. In-home personal care means those seniors can stay in their homes.

5. In-Home Personal Care Helps Seniors And Their Families Save Money.

In-home personal care is almost always cheaper than moving into a senior living community. You need not pay rent to a community to receive in-home personal care services and the only fee you pay is for the services you receive.

6. In-Home Personal Care Protects Seniors From The Coronavirus.

Another drawback of senior living communities is that many of them have fared poorly when it comes to containing the coronavirus. Having your care provided by a single caregiver who follows rigorous protocols to avoid transmitting COVID-19 is safer.

7. In-Home Personal Care Helps Seniors With Other Aspects Of Their Lives.

In-home personal care can be paired with homemaking and/or companion care services.

8. In-home Personal Care Can Be Available To Seniors Around-The-Clock.

With live-in care, seniors can have access to in-home personal care whenever they need it.

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