What Services Does In-Home Personal Care Cover?

What Services Does In-Home Personal Care Cover?

Personal care is probably the type of care we most readily think of when discussing senior care. Many seniors in America today need personal care to live healthily and safely. And personal care is available in-home.

Personal Care Helps Seniors Manage The Activities Of Daily Living.

At Executive Home Care, we use the term “Activities of Daily Living” to denote the acts of self-care that we all must do every day. These include getting out of bed every morning, using the toilet, brushing our hair, shaving, preparing food, eating food, brushing our teeth/denture care, showering, getting up and down stairs, getting into bed at night, and more. Many seniors cannot do all these activities safely, if it all. To get help with these activities, some seniors move into senior care communities. And many are happy there. Others are not.

Many seniors, understandably, want to keep living in their own homes as they have done for years, sometimes even decades. That is why Executive Home Care offers in-home personal care. With in-home personal care, seniors can receive all the personal care they would in a senior living community without leaving their homes. What’s more, for most seniors, in-home personal care is the more affordable option. With in-home personal care, you need not pay rent or fees to a senior living community to keep the facility running. You just pay for the services you receive.

What Types Of Services Are Offered With In-home Personal Care?

In-home personal caregivers can help with all the Activities of Daily Living listed above and more. Services included in in-home personal care include:

  • Assistance with eating, bathing, using bath equipment, dental/denture care, grooming, and hair care
  • Assistance with bowel regularity, self-administered medications, basic skin care, and nail maintenance
  • Emptying or changing external urinary collection devices, including catheter bags
  • Providing colostomy care and emptying ostomy bags
  • Assistance with urinals, bedpans, and/or commodes
  • Providing bowel and bladder incontinence care
  • Encouraging clients to perform normal body movements and to follow prescribed exercise programs
  • Assistance with positioning in bed, wheelchairs, and other chairs
  • Assistance with transferring to/from bed, wheelchair, toilet and chair

Not all in-home personal care services are necessarily available in all fifty states. Please talk with us to find out.

There Are Other Benefits Of In-home Personal Care, Too.

Many seniors and their families find it beneficial to include other services as part of their in-home personal care package. It’s often easy for in-home personal caregivers to provide additional homemaking services, such as cleaning or laundry, while they are there. They can also include companion care; taking time to focus on the mental health of their clients.

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