6 Benefits Of Senior Companion Care

6 Benefits Of Senior Companion Care

Senior companion care helps countless seniors across America live healthier, safer, and more enjoyable lives. Can senior companion care help you or your elderly loved one? Here are six benefits of senior companion care.

1. Senior Companion Care Alleviates Loneliness.

Seniors live in isolation at worryingly high rates. Over the course of our lives, friends and family move away, or we might move away. After we retire, we don’t even see co-workers anymore. You can find yourself at seventy living in a city with hardly anybody you know with nothing to do and nowhere to go. This can be very bad indeed. This sense of isolation can be truly damaging for seniors who live alone but even couple who live together can become isolated together. Senior companion care gives seniors somebody to talk to, somebody who will listen to their problems, or even just somebody with whom they can play a board game. This can have a remarkable positive effect on seniors’ wellbeing.

2. Senior Companion Care Encourages Seniors To Interact With The Outside World.

Senior companion caregivers can encourage seniors to visit with their friends and family (when it’s safe to do so). They can accompany seniors to social functions, to church, or to community meetings.

3. Senior Companion Care Helps Seniors Keep Up With Correspondence.

Whether it’s because of difficulty figuring out email, forgetting phone numbers, or simply forgetting to write a letter, many seniors lapse on correspondence that can boost their spirits. Senior companion caregivers encourage and help seniors keep up with correspondence with family and friends.

4. Senior Companion Care Helps Keep Tabs On Their Mental Health.

Dementia disorders, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, affect many seniors. The effects of something like Alzheimer’s Disease can be devastating. But it’s a progressive neurodegenerative disease; it gets worse with time but many who receive the diagnosis have several years where they can function more or less as normally. Companion caregivers can keep tabs on such a disease and notify loved ones when the disease progresses to a state where more care is required.

5. Senior Companion Care Can Include Other Benefits.

A caregiver’s main objective might be looking after a senior’s mental or emotional health. But that doesn’t mean they can’t dust, vacuum, or do other household chores while they’re there. Many clients choose to pair companion care services with homemaking services.

6. Senior Companion Care Opens The Door To Other Types Of Care.

Accepting senior care can be difficult for some seniors. By starting with companion care, the transition to something like personal care becomes much easier if and when it’s necessary.

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