4 Reasons To Get Live-In Home Care And 4 Reasons Not To

4 Reasons To Get Live-In Home Care And 4 Reasons Not To

Live-in home care for the elderly is available across much of the United States. Here are four reasons to get live-in home care, and four reasons to choose an alternative.

Reasons To Get Live-In Home Care:

1. Live-In Home Care Provides The Elderly With 24-7 Access To Care.

If an elderly person is at high risk for a fall or another emergency situation, live-in home care is an excellent option. While live-in caregivers obviously don’t work every minute of every day, because they live in the same home as their client, they will always be on hand in case of an emergency.

2. Live-In Home Care Means The Elderly Get To Age In Place.

Another option if an elderly person requires 24-7 access to care is to move into a senior living facility, such as an assisted living community or nursing home. But many elderly people love their own homes and don’t want to move out. Thanks to live-in home care, they don’t have to.

3. Live-In Home Care Can Help The Elderly With Temporary Issues.

It makes little sense to move into a care home if you only need a few months to recover from an injury or fall. Live-in home care helps elderly folks recover from these incidents and get back on their feet.

4. With Live-In Home Care You Can Avoid Paying The Often-High Rents And Fees Charged By Senior Care Communities.

The cost of live-in home care is competitive with the cost of moving into a senior care community and, often, live-in home care is more affordable.

Reasons Not to Get Live-In Home Care:

1. Live-In Home Care Is Not Necessary For Those Who Enjoy Communal Style Living.

Some elderly people love living in senior care communities. If you think you’d enjoy living in such a community, then that might be a better option.

2. Live-in Care Is Not Always Practical For Elderly People Who Rent Their Homes.

If you’re already paying rent, it might be more prudent to pay that rent to care facility who will also provide you with care.

3. Live-In Care Won’t Work If Your Home Is Too Small.

Live-in caregivers need their own rooms, space, privacy, and free time.

4. Live-In Home Care Isn’t Necessary If You Don’t Need Care That Frequently.

Many elderly people don’t need live-in home care, just weekly, daily, or semi-daily visits from caregivers.

Executive Home Care

Executive Home Care offers live-in home care to our elderly clients, as well as to those clients who are younger but live with disabilities. To learn more about live-in home care for the elderly, please contact us via our website or call (888) 963-9133.

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